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  1. Hey All!

    Today I bring you a new creation: Empire Shops; an unofficial Empire Minecraft based website.

    If you've ever wanted to advertise your product, and bring more customers to your store, this is the place to do it!

    Empire Shops is an external website designed to database all stores on the empire. If you want people to find your store, then you can easily claim your shop page by filling out the form on the website, and then one will be created for you. Currently, the stores are all manually entered to ensure authenticity of Residences and Stores, however in future the website will become automatic. Because of this, creation of your page may be delayed up to 48 hours. Sorry for any inconvenience!

    Coming Soon: Ratings and Rankings based on ratings!

    You can access Empire Shops by clicking here, or by visiting http://emcshops.weebly.com/

    If you have any questions, please ask below.

    Applications Pending: 10
    Shop Pages Active: 3

    Remaining Applications will be processed on Saturday. Sorry for the delayed wait time.

    Special thanks to Aikar for approving this idea. :)
    Note: Website is temporarily stored on Free Web Host while I configure a running database with my website host to move this to a permanent location. All data will end up being exported to the new site when this happens.
  2. whats a thanksgiving work bench?
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  3. A place to cook your Thanksgiving diamond pick. :p
  4. I filled out the form. :)

    This is a good idea, but I'm not sure the process is going to work. But can't wait to find out. (better than me trying to update a thread for the same thing.)
  5. Thanks for the support so far guys :)

    I made a mistake with the thanksgiving bench, its actually the labor bench, a labor day holiday item.

    also, whoever is filling out the form with spam and cuss words id appreciate if you didn't, since this is a project in doing in kindness and don't appreciate the bad language, thanks.

    everyone who has submitted the form so far can expect their shop to be added within the next 4 hours!
  6. Hmm, what if shops are out of stock? How are you going to show that?
    And what if prices change, but the player doesn't edit it on their page?
    It's a good idea...but it will take a lot of work to make it work.
  7. Hi Volt,

    Thanks for your feedback. The website doesn't show if items are in stock or not, and it doesn't show item prices. This is intentional so these do not have to be constantly updated. The idea of this website is for a database of item-carrying shops. So if Player C is looking for diamonds, they can see which stores sell Diamonds in their server by simply looking at the sell list. This website used to exist before under a different user running it, but dissapeared. This is a replica site of that project.


    On an unrelated note, I've now added how many applications are pending on this thread, and the website.
  8. Is there any sort of ranking of the stores? Like, is it based on views? You could implement a voting system for good shops, so it'd work like Reddit.
  9. Users will be able to feedback of stores.
  10. And this will affect ranking?
  11. When configured, yes.
  12. In that case, I think this is quite well done, have you considered partnering with someone to offer rewards for those who sign up? :)
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  13. Haven't considered that yet, probably should. :p
  14. People value their time, few people want to dilly-dally around giving you data for no reason. You have to give them a reason to help your project.

    Take my own survey scheme, in my sig. I collect information on buyers and sellers, allowing me to construct my own private affiliate network. The best prices are at my fingertips. Rather than go out hunting for people, I pay people to bring themselves to me. This is an example of division of labour; rather than one person taking a note of 50 peoples' shop prices, the job of fetching information is divided equally amongst the 50 people, who do it in exchange for a reward. This is, under economic theory, multiple times more efficient.

    You should apply the same. Every month, auction off five sponsored slots, in the most visible possible location. Divide by 50, and redistribute the resulting sum to each person who signs up that month. I doubt you'll get more than 50 interested people, and you shouldn't take any for yourself, assuming it's a nonprofit. Whatever funds you have left over, take it over into next month. If you run out of funds early, auction off the bottom slot, that should keep you going until the end of the month.
  15. Of course that might not be allowed... might be something to ask Aikar...
  16. Obviously not on the Auction forums, in the Marketplace Forums. And it won't be an official auction, Drogba will merely request 'offers' as opposed to 'bids' :)
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  17. One Question, After posting your shop, are you able to edit the details of the items and shop info and/or the shop Title or Res Number:
    Because I usually sell things for a limited time and sometimes I like to edit my shop details. If so you say yes this is possible I would really like using the webpage for the Empire Advantage.

    Hopefully it's possible

  18. My biggest problem so far: the "How would you rate your prices?" sure some people might be honest about this, but I have already checked out a few of the shops and they are not very accurate to what the owners have claimed, I believe that option should be either community vote only or just removed, placing this ability in the owners hands only will/has caused some misleading claims.

    2nd biggest problem: Endstone isn't on the list of items >.>
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  19. Just shoot me a PM with any changes or re-send your shop application. Partially why I made it manual, with the old EMC Shops website you couldn't change your products.

    Right, however this more benefits them than me. It's like free advertising for your shop. If you don't want to bring customers then you wouldn't spend the time filling it out. It isn't to benefit me, it's for everyone.

    This is a valid point. I'll ensure that prices are fair by visiting each store that applies, and adding my own part too. It's nice to give someone a reason to be honest, right? :p

    And, if that doesn't work Community rating would be a good one.

    In response to your second point, I'll get that added as soon as I next edit the website.
  20. I submitted for meh shop brofist.
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