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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by AussieZaid, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. Hi all. Its your homie, AussieZaid. So you all know i have a huge shop in my res and right now I have decided to break it. I will need at least 3 to 2 helpers for it. Im offering 1k rupees to anyone who helps. Please come by my 1st res if you wish to help me break it but only when Im online because if i'm not you can't build due to build flag I need to give out. 2015-02-12_08.00.52.png
    Thanks homies. Best Regards: AussieZaid. Peace!
  2. Hi Aussiezaid its me iCrazyEvestar I will help you take your shop down , meet me online SMP2 on the 17th Febuary at 8:00 in the morning English morning so like u will be 12 hrs in front, I'm leaving the maths 4 u!
    BTW is that what you look like in real life, I imagined you a lot different, not in a bad way
  3. Yeah it is! Sorry eve I already took down the shop. But Thanks for offering to help though! :)
  4. Its ok, if u need anything else you know I'm happy to help!! ☺ Plz reply
  5. Have u seen Wizards2013 lately , I haven't seen him for probably 5 days tell me when u have
  6. Do /p wizards2013.

    Also, it might be better to use forum PMs for private conversations rather than public threads...
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  7. Yeah, those darn griefers ;)

    We'll get them next time Aussie :)
  8. Um I already have done /p wizards2013