Help needed FAST! Marlix found

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  1. I need help ASAP found a village fell in a cave and a marlix spawed and I need your help fast please! I got iron amour and a sharp one sword

    Server, smp4

    Cords x- 3755
    Y 44

    Look on the live map you will see were i am
  2. I see you on the live map but I cant help sorry!
  3. Do they despawn?
  4. nope.
  5. Well its in a cave wich i somehow managed to get out of without dieing
    Just want to know how much hp they have
  6. Let me get my weapons and I'll be on my way!
  7. Well they have protection5 armor on, and a un kill able bat under them, with an OP bow, and they proble can take 28 hits from a sharpness 5 sword (diamond)

    Good thing you didn't find a momentus(giant zombie)
    He can be hit 60 times by a sharpness5 sword befor going down and he summons 5 enraged zombies every 20 seconds if your in his draw point
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  8. Well, we didn't end up finding him. But on the way back we found 2 marlix and both were killed by me and nickblockmaster (nick was full dia dia sword) i was full iron iron sword) got some marlix leggings skulls and diamonds :) we had fun
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  9. Indeed we did.;)
    Call for help anytime, I enjoyed that! Now I just want to fight more giants and get another momentus toothpick. :p
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  10. I been searching for some momentus/marlix near my outpost :p
  11. you are lucky! I have been playing for around 170 days and none have spawned anywhere near me! :mad:
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  12. Lets just say I killed 9 marlix and 19 momentus's :p
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  13. Marlix leggings? who has them and can i buy them :p I have never ever managed to find one man D: ~FDNY21

    EDIT: I have been looking for one for a long time..tomorrow is my 300th day and I still aint found one. Determined to find and kill and obtain armour by my year hopefully.
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