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  1. Hey EMC:

    I happen to have another technical problem after my last one with Optifine.
    That problem hasn't been solved either. (http://empireminecraft.com/threads/help-optifine-error.51183/)

    This time the problem is in a mod.
    I am using these 7 mods, all allowed.

    (FPS Plus doesn't work but I just keep it there, hoping it WILL work someday :D)

    Basically one of these mods happens to work as a function in Gammabright. It fixes your lighting as Gammabright would. I don't know what mod is causing this.

    I just realized it today when I decided to play without mods, and I found out that my houses and everything were not lit up!

    Please help me solve this problem ASAP, as I don't want to be banned from using "illegal mods", and I also want people to come to my res and actually be able to see something. :D

  2. Just thinking but your lighting settings may be different without optifine and your brightness might not be up and you dont realize it. Also I remember a whole thread about this that I started a while ago but I do not remember if it is illegal to just turn your gamma up without the mod, which is something you might have done.
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  4. I'd recommend uninstalling all of your mods immediately or not playing until you get this resolved. Changing Gamma beyond normal Minecraft levels is illegal (confirmed here).
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  5. What are lighting settings and where can I find them?
  6. You can find the answers to all your problems on this website. ;)
  7. Nvmd I fixed the problem!
    Can a Moderator please close this thread
  8. Open up the settings and move the brightness slider. You may have to look for it a little but it isn't too hard to find.
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