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  1. I recently learned a mod allowing the changing of brightness beyond the normal is banned. I usually change the gamma in my options.txt thing in my .minecraft folder to above the normal so i dont need torches under my res. Is this allowed or not? I dont go mining much and whenever i do i am usually to lazy to put torches since i have god things to protect me. Not quite sure if this is the right place to post, but i didnt know where else. If its wrong im sorry and please move this to the right forum.
  2. As long as mobs can still spawn in your unlit areas, you should be fine.
  3. I'd recommend getting Chickeneer involved. See if you can catch him on smp4. He's the king of mods here.
  4. Smart. If allowed im so gunna do this.
  5. Changing the brightness to above normal is allowed - even encouraged.
    The GammaBright mod essentially gives you the Effects of a NightVision potion - all of the time; which we consider an unfair advantage :)
  6. ok. thank you for your help chickeneer.