Help Me with a Psychology Experiment

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  1. Ok so in my psychology class we did an "experiment", where we were asked to list 3 personality traits associated with our favorite animal. For example,

    • Cunning
    • Sly
    • Protective
    So all I need you to do is exactly what I did except with your favorite animal. You may also do a mythical creature, but it must be well known, as well as from a real mythos of a civilization. So no Cthulu stuff and nothing like a Dullahan or Kelphie.
    Thanks for helping!
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  2. Fish
    • Sia
    • Dory
    • Blue
    this won't make sense if I change my avatar lol.
  3. Dog
    • Lazy
    • Cute
    • Purebreds being a genetic monstrosity on their race
    Pretty much all I can come up with :p
  4. Cat
    • Quiet
    • Mysterious
    • No remorse
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  5. Gecko
    -agile(climb smooth walls)
    -Carefull(regen tail)
  6. So far you guys are doing fine.
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  7. You'll be the first to go!
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  8. ...
  9. Chinchilla
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  10. Tiger (I mean really, what else?)
    • Solitary
    • Serene
    • Confident
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  11. Wolf
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  12. Phantom Assassin

    Its a hero from Dota 2
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  13. Only need a few more answers.
  14. One last bump.
  15. Aikar

    - Slow
    - Bloated
    - Unfortunately necessary



    - Fast
    - Determined
    - Skilled
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  16. Alligator

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  17. Owl
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  18. Now let me tell you what I just had you all do. Essentially this is a technique used by psychologists to learn about the people they are working with. What I had you do is something that let's psychologists learn about how people feel about themselves and how they view themselves. 2 out of 3 of the personality traits will likely relate yo you and sometimes all 3 or 1 and rarely none.
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  19. Haha. You guys all got experimented on.:p
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  20. I think that was apparent from day 0 :p