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  1. i'm not good at monster fighting, cause i'm on a laptop, and i'm in a village surrounded by creepers and a gaint zombie-thing!9forgot about that) you can find the village south from the North West waste spawn, help please,
    reward: 1000r and 5 free items from my shop
  2. Sorry for my late response, I totally missed this one. Next time if you ask for help then you might want to try and use "Help and Support" or otherwise "Community discussion", I'm sure that will raise your chances of getting a response. Had I seen this sooner I'd have run over (and no need for any rewards).

    But... Maybe I can still help you with preventing these nasty situations.

    First of all: if you're having problems fighting mobs then you can start by lowering your difficulty. Use the /diff command for this. Standard is 5, but you can easily set this as low as 1. You won't get much rewards from killing the custom mobs this way (enraged mobs) but since fighting wasn't your idea in the first place...

    Second: the giant zombie thing. That's the infamous Momentus. But you can prevent him and his minions from bothering you. Use the /ps command and find these 2 options: Mini Boss Spawns, and Enraged Spawns. Click 'm with your mouse and you can turn them on or off. Mini boss refers to that giant zombie ('Momentus') and his flying skeleton cousin "Marlix" (actually the skeleton isn't really flying but riding a bat). The enraged spawns refers to the 'regular' (but still dangerous!) custom mobs. Enraged Skeleton, Zombie and Creeper.

    Also keep in mind that as long as your difficulty is below 7 then they (=the Mini bosses) will not automatically attack you. So if you leave them alone then they will leave you alone as well.

    Right, I know I'm way too late but I hope that these tips can still help you out a bit.
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  3. Only minibosses will not attack you below difficulty 7.
    For enraged monsters this is 3 I believe.

    Anyway, if you type /ps in chat, and click Difficulty there, you can hover over all the difficulties and see what they change in terms of gameplay
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