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    What is the EMC Rupee Campaign?
    The EMC Rupee Campaign is a charity/campaign which is dedicated to making shop prices better. On the EMC Server I play on, SMP7, prices have risen dramatically. For example, 1 Diamond two years ago cost 30r. Now it costs 100r? We will work to pricing things fairly and give them a massive price cut.

    Will this help me?
    Yes, whether you're rich or poor, you'll be able to get more bang for your buck!
    If you have just started on EMC, you may notice you don't have so much money to buy stuff. This means it may be fustrating for new players, as they cannot get the things they want for a fair price.
    If you are rich on EMC, you might see your money go down fast. This can help you a lot, as you can keep your money, and end up with the most majestic of castles! :)

    How does this work?
    We will be making a mega mall with many reduced and fair prices. If enough people know about us, and buy from our store, they can get their best prices there, so they will come to us. We will use all the money we get to hire new people to get resources, so we don't run out.

    How can I help?
    You can help in many ways! If you're feeling nice, you can donate some money or resources into the hoppers at residence 15456. If you're really kind, you can volunteer to help us gather resources in the wild. If you're a great supporter of what we stand for, you can help us spread to other SMPs, so that we have great prices for all the servers!

    Help us lower prices across all of EMC!

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  2. So basically you just want to build a mega mall with low prices and try to effect the economy?

    Let me fast forward a bit, all this is going to do is your mall will get bought out, you won't be able to re-stock, and the economy will keep on going just like it always has.

    ps. nice avatar
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  3. It doesn't exactly work like that. Inflation, which is exactly what has been happening and is by far the largest contributor to the decrease in the value of a rupee, takes many factors into account.

    When you have more rupees going into the economy then you have going out of the economy (rupee sinks), then the result is inflation. This means that there are more rupees owned by every player collectively than there were before, and this is why prices rise.

    Diamonds, for example, are usually obtained by voting and mining about equally or even a bit less often than they are consumed for armor, builds, and whatever they end up being used for. This means that there are the same or less amount diamonds owned by every player collectively, where as there are more rupees than before owned by every player collectively.

    Since that's how inflation works and inflation is definitely what's going on here, I'm afraid you will have an insanely tough time "fixing" the economy to the way it was two years ago. The only possible way I can think of is to gather many, many rupees (like 100-200+ million) and pay them to an account like Krysyy where it will never be seen again. Of course, this is extremely unpractical.

    You have to also take into account that new players are getting more money and starter items than you ever did. You used to get regular stone tools, bread, coal, torches, and like 2,000 rupees and that was it. You now get 12,000 if you sign up on the forums, iron soulbound armor, iron soulbound tools, bread, torches, and even some resources to get started.

    This is all a natural part of the economy, and there isn't much to do about it. So long as things aren't artificially inflated, which is incredibly horrible for the economy, then all is well. I believe that general items (not rare and custom ones) are being inflated perfectly normally and they're doing pretty much what they should with their value in respect to the cost in rupees.

    I wouldn't be concerned :)
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  4. Like what Haro said, it's not the item, it's the rupee, there is no way of stopping that besides turning the voting rupee reward off and log in bonus off, then the rupee prizes at events.
  5. Aikar wanted inflation anyway, and we're getting it, as mentioned above, it's nothing to worry about and it's going to happen anyway :)

    What we do want to stop, though, is artificial inflation right off the mark on these new promos... 90k for the new promo that's still available but 70k for the Cupid Bundle which is a similar item/idea but is half a year old and hasn't been available since? Doesn't make sense to me! :rolleyes:
  6. As previously stated, the shop will quickly fall under due to the inflation caused by voting, and other ways.
    In order for this to run efficiently, you would rely mainly on donations, and very, very, very cheap bulk sellers.
  7. Well, I have to say its a god idea but does not work that way. There are people with 100 rupees out there also people with 100k rupees out there. Items have different values to different players. So there might be millionaires out there so for a diamond no more then 60 rupees. On the other hand we have players with just 500 rupees so a diamond for them will yes be 100 rupees.
    Also we have people who supply and people who buy. The supplier will sell at different prices depending on how many of the item they have and how rare or much needed that item is. The point is not one item is all going to be the same price for everyone.
    I do not totally agree on the mall either. Because what really do "fair prices" mean to other people? There also might be rich people buying from this store making it not very fair to the people with less money. So for an example gold lets price this at your shop 30r so somebody with 700r comes along and buys 4 so then they are left with 580.That is not very much. But you have rich people buying from these dirt cheap prices and reselling them and making fortunes off of your shop when this whole thing is made to lower prices.
    Another thing is you can never lower the economy it wont take just 50 people it would take 200. There are also different needs for different SMPs. One SMP might have many bulk buyers and sellers and another SMP might have many shops and malls. So really there is not just one economy there is one for every server.
    The thing it may be possible but may never happen. You can not just change the economy dramatically you have to kind of work up to it. I think the mall will be a large waste of time and rupees. The economy will grow depending on the population. Yeah A diamond a year ago might have been 30r but the server has gotten far more players since last year so more players more rupees in emc. Its a bit of a cycle a very complicated cycle. You get rupees buy things those rupees that player buys more things then another player joins buy more things then that money adds to the cycle.
    I myself can never seeing this working out as a succes . I am not saying its not a great plan but realistically this is nearly impossible.As I said huge waste of time and rupees.
  8. The fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as people being poor without option, like there is in real life. Every single person is perfectly capable of building a fortune or at least a decent amount of money, and there's no excuse for why they can't.. These people should not be considered handicapped and given access to cheaper items, they should go make their own money. It really isn't difficult. Why not, instead, say that since prices are so high now that they can go gather items from the wild/waste and sell to malls for lots of rupees instead of trying to accommodate their low balance?

  9. As Haro once again said :p ^
  10. I hope you're talking about in the game of minecraft, because if you're talking about in real life then :confused:
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  11. This! Real life works quite a bit different. Show me a free market with unlimited supply and little competition I'm the real world and I will show you a place that will be corporatized within the year.

    While I understand the mindset of the original post... massive deflation would be a really really bad thing for both the people that do and don't have rupees on emc
  12. I'm positive I stated it wasn't in real life >.>
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  13. Ah I see. The way it was said was easy to take it either way :p
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  14. With the money we have a will get we will be using to hire people to get more materials, and I also have a handful of volunteers already.
  15. No, we will do this properly so that when you get the bonuses, they mean the same as before.
  16. I think a better campaign would be to try to get malls to buy/sell so poor have opportunity to get rich. The way its all setup is rupees come out of no where from voting, new players, and rupee purchases. So we have same supplies of materials, more rupees. The value of rupees keep going down, so the price of things must go up. Go look at law of supply and demand.

    Buy/sell signs would help everyone keep up with inflation and encourage material farming to make a liquid market. Liquid markets are desirable, people can find what they want super easy.
  17. Cornering markets are not unheard of, think silver irl in 1980, but I don't think I ever saw a successful attempt. Probably only practical on ultra rare stuff, maybe. Once last few owners hear of your attempt, bam! Price goes up way past you can afford. So... maybe not great idea.
  18. That is a natural consequence of the supply and demand. Lets imagine two extreme example scenarios, where all other prices are equal, but Trick or Treat bundle prices vary:

    Example 1: Super expensive Trick or Treat Bundles

    Each Trick or Treat Bundle costs a massive 100 million rupees!
    I'm pretty sure everyone would want to sell their Trick or Treat Bundle for that price (you could buy almost every other item in the game).
    I'm also pretty certain no one would want to buy Trick or Treat Bundles (it's simply too expensive).

    So in summary:
    • No one buying
    • Everybody selling
    Example 2: Super cheap Trick or Treat Bundles

    Each Trick or Treat Bundle costs only 1 rupee!
    I'm pretty sure no one would want to sell their Trick or Treat Bundles (it's simply not worth it).
    I'm also pretty certain everyone would want to buy lots and lots of Trick or Treat Bundles for that price (basically everyone could afford a massive amount).

    So in summary:
    • No one selling
    • Everybody buying

    I'm pretty sure everyone can agree with the simplistic analysis of the examples above, which in both cases will have no market transactions. So what needs to happen with the Trick or Treat Bundle prices in order for the market to function in the cases above?

    • The price needs to become much lower than 100 million rupees, so that:
      1) Some people start thinking it is not worth it to sell their Trick or Treat Bundles
      2) Enough people start being able to afford and have a desire to buy Trick or Treat Bundles
    • The price needs to become much higher than 1 rupee, so that:
      1) Some people start thinking it is worth it to sell their Trick or Treat bundles
      2) Enough people start thinking that it is not worth it to buy Trick or Treat Bundles, or that they cannot afford them
    The situation in (EMC) reality:

    I have seen some players wanting to buy Trick or Treat Bundles for 25k. Some are arguing (according to my understanding) that this has been the approximate price level of promos in the past. However, it seems a lot of people are interested in buying Trick or Treat Bundles nowadays. Some want to buy even more than one. But there is a very limited availability. Everyone can get only one Trick or Treat bundle. Situation is not sustainable. Alot of people want to buy for 25k, and too few want to sell for 25k.

    What is the natural effect? Same thing needs to happen as in extreme example 2 above. Prices need to rise by enough that some new people start thinking it is becoming worth it to sell their Trick or Treat bundles. And prices need to rise so that less people can afford or are willing to buy Trick or Treat Bundles. That is the only way the market can reach an equilibrium!
    The same principles apply as in the extreme examples above, only they are less obvious. This is what you would learn in any simple basic introduction to economics course.

    The only way to artificially decide that "The price of Trick or Treat Bundles should be 25k" would be to make supply unlimited at that price. Ie. the Developer Gods would need to decide upon that and start making Trick or Treat Bundles available in the empire shop for 25k. Similar to how Spooky Eggs can be bought in empire shop.

    Besides, everyone gets a Trick or Treat Bundle for free as a gift from the almighty Gods, so you do not really have to buy one!
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  19. This doesn't work, prices are where they are because that's what people will pay. if you have a cheap store, your supply will be exhausted.
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  20. This is just another New player trying to start new ideas and make a "mega mall", All new players do this, try making "Mega Malls" Right when they join, only to find out how hard it is to actually run a Mall, You need to stay here awhile to learn the economy and what this server is about. Most New player's Malls are never stocked, and never build really, they found out the hard way.