[HELP!] Laptop screen flashing

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  1. Ok, so I use my old laptop for minecraft, since I don't want to use my mac :p
    Yesterday I had a rage quit and may have slammed my fist on my laptop.
    The next day I turn on my laptop and the pre-login screen keeps flashing. I have tried numerous methods and am unable to fix this! I literally cannot do anything- I can move the mouse and everything, but I can't do anything like ctrl+alt+delete. It doesn't even go to the login screen, so I'm stuck on the pre login screen.
    Someone please help me!
  2. If you slammed your fist on the laptop, you most likely broke something :p

    I might be able to help you out, but can you give me a bit more info on the computer? The computer type depends on whether it can be fixed or not.
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  3. Well it wasn't the hardest slam exactly xD
    Anyways what details are you wanting?
  4. The fact that your mouse is movable and it actually boots shows that things mostly work. First off, try putting something like Ubuntu on a USB and booting it up. If you can try and use the is on your USB just fine then the problem is windows and something corrupt. Windows 8 has a way to revert to a restore point if that turns out to be the problem. As for getting Ubuntu on a USB, search "ubuntu live USB". It is incredibly simple and as long as you don't hit install, it won't touch your hardrive.
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  5. So I put it on a USB and then plug it into the laptop im having trouble with?
  6. Exactly. You may need to change boot order in your bios (also easy to do. Press something like f12 while booting and put USB at the top of the list. If your bios can't boot from the USB it will just boot up normally.)
  7. Ok so I'm confused- do I download the Ubuntu thing onto my usb?
  8. Ubuntu on an USB stick is a good suggestion, but the post also assumes that the OP has access to another Windows machine. From what I made of the original post he has both a Mac and a Windows laptop so maybe the Mac instructions can help too.

    Even so; do I assume right that with "pre login screen" you're referring to the screen which shows you the available user account(s) on the machine, so that after you clicked on one you can fill out your password and then continue?

    I would first start by determining if this is actually caused by Windows or your hardware. One way to do this is by booting Windows in the safemode. So during startup you press F8, this should get you into the boot menu from which you can access several options. Usually items as "safe mode", "last known good configuration" and of course system recovery.

    If you use the "safe mode" option you'll get into a very plain Windows environment (it will probably look horrid) and you can check if the screen is still flashing. If it is then its most likely a hardware related problem, if it isn't then it may very well be a Windows configuration issue.

    In which case you may have some luck trying the "last known good configuration".

    Hope this can give you some ideas as well.
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  9. Ok so when I turn on my pc it comes up with error recovery and from there I can access safe mode- there is no screen flashing in safe mode :D. So how do I do the "last known configuration"? I can't seem to access the boot menu?
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