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  1. Hello EMC, I was wondering if anyone cOuld show me how to make a cobble generater useing pistons and redstone. Since the cobble stone is being stacked when mined from a normal generater therefor burning the cobble... I am on smp2 and my res is 3344. Connect to to help me. Thank You!
  2. Why not just go mining its much better.
  3. yea and then you get ores as well :)
  4. Then you become rich
  5. I loves my moneys :p
  6. I love huge amount of rupees too :)
  7. Well I hate caves and I just found a video on YouTube on how to make an advanced cobble gen
  8. You don't need to dig in caves....dig like, 4 layers down into dirt...bam, lots of cobble, cave free. :)
    Edit: However, let's keep this further away from the spawn and outposts. xP
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  9. Don't you want to be rich with DIAMONDS!!! (or GOLD depends if you like gold or not)
  10. I love ze gold, but ze diamonds are nice too :{D
  11. LOL. Nice mustache happy face! :D
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  12. Mining is the best way to get your corn-on-the-cobblestone, generators are nice and look fancy but aren't very rewarding.

    Besides you could find gold... Or diamonds... Diamonds... DIAMONDS, DIAMONDS!!!
  13. Nicely said Bierhaus
  14. The only reason one would have (well, me, anyways) a cobble generator would be in the case that the wild runs out. If that ever happens, I will quit Minecraft altogether, accept the signs, and attempt to teach pigs to fly.
  15. For calling me Bierhaus, and not DNB or some other stupid name like that, you have now earned my respect. You are the first person to me by the name I intended people to call me by.
    Lol, BONUS ROUND- you get extra points if you know what "Bierhaus" means.
  16. Beer house?
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  17. It's a place in new york I'm pretty sure:D
  18. or a german bar
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  19. I know it's a big difference! :D
  20. Well, a house that is specified by the fact that it has alcohol in it should be called a bar in my opinion. And because it is in German, it is practically a given that said house of beer is German. So therefore mine is the same. :D
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