[Help] iPod not receiving iOS 7

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Parkerjv, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. Hey Empire,
    As the title says my Apple iPod Touch (4th Generation) is not receiving the iOS 7 update. The update has been out for a while now, but yet it still says my software is up to date. My main question is, will I just have to wait or is there a certain process to receive it?
  2. 4th gen iPods don't get iOS 7. Sorry. :/
  3. Unfortunately, iOS 7 does not support any iPod's older than fifth generation :/
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  4. I checked and learned this too, too bad we don't get IOS7
  5. Or you can get a Android powered phone and stop being lead by the outrageous products that Apple tries to feed you like lambs to the slaughter.
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  6. Every time. Never fails. XP
  7. You can Jailbreak 6.1.3, and download iOS 7-similar features through cydia. It's completely legal to do that :)
  8. You're posting in the wrong section.

    But anyway notice that the 6.1.3 jailbreak is tethered, you have to connect to your computer every time you want to reboot your device.
  9. Source please?
  10. Or, you can shut up about how you hate it, and hold your hatred aside. WE NEVER ASKED FOR YOUR HATE. Also, if we HAVE an iPhone, WE DONT FREAKING NEED AN ANDROID! We already have a phone! We don't need a new one! Ugh!
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