[Help] I'm sick!

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  1. So I started feeling ill at around 8 o'clock last night, I had a bad migraine. I thought nothing of it, I get headaches all the time, but this is the worst headache I have ever had. No joke. Imagine your heart has been placed inside your brain, and every-time it beats you experience a searing sensation along with a throb around the proximity of your skull.

    I then took two Ibuprofen and went to sleep at around 9:30.

    I wake up at 2:15, My head is borderline about to explode. I go wet a rag place it on my forehead and endure the pain for around an hour before falling into a fitful sleep.

    I wake up again in pain, and it is 5:30. I get up for school at 5:30. My dad walks into my room and he can obviously tell that something is wrong. Now my dad and I never fight, except in school related matters, such as being absent. Normally I'd say, "Oh I feel so bad, let me stay home." and he'd say "Be a man, tough it out."

    All I say this morning, well, more of a croak then actually speaking. "My head, it hurts.." He then brought be some medicine and said to get some rest. I can't rest of course, my head hurts too bad, it feels as if my skull is splitting open. I can't have my covers on because its too stuffy, yet I take them off and its freezing.

    I go to my mom and she looks at me and says, "Come here let me feel your forehead."
    "Son your burning up! Go grab a thermometer."

    I grab the thermometer and my temperature is 101.6! No wonder I feel so bad!

    So, EMC, what should I do to feel better? Because I feel terrible.

    TL;DR I feel bad, make me feel better!
  2. I'd say take some ibuprofen (like advil or motrin). It will help with a fever, and it's an anti-inflamatory, so it might be the best thing for your headache also. Drink plenty of fluids and try to stay in bed! Also, feel better soon :D
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  3. I'd suggest seeing a doctor, instead of asking strangers for medical advice.
    (But margaritte's advice is good too)
  4. That really made me laugh! :)
    I'm going in an hour or so!
  5. If you need to laugh more
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  6. Well if the headache is still present try to keep your eyes away from the computer screen for a while.
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  7. Whoa, who played show tunes around ICC?
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  8. [OffTopic]Because of a brand name doesn't mean that its different from say ASDA or somewhere (Supermarkets) as they are highly likely to contain the same things.[/OffTopic]

    And back on topic get well!
  9. Well, nfell, people don't always know what "ibuprofen" is, so it's better to list brand names, I think, because most people have probably heard of Advil or Motrin.
  10. I havn't xD Might be because im UK, but now I see your point. Sorry! xx
  11. Fevers of over 101 are very dangerous to your health. I have received a long scolding session from the doctor before for putting off seeking medical attention. Make sure you drink plenty of WATER...not juice or soda or milk, etc...Your headache is also a sign of this dehydration...

    Please go see a doctor asap. Or at least go get actual fever reducers along with your ibuprofen. You don't wanna end up in the hospital for two days like I was just for putting it off.
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  12. I really hope you're using fahrenheit...
  13. He'll be on fire if he isn't!
  14. I get chronic migraines myself. Lately, I've been getting 2 or 3 a week - which is not normal. But, I've been under some heavy stress lately.

    However, I can usually "work through" my migraines - I generally just get a visual aura. It's similar to having just looked at a bright light, only it takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to go away. Following that, I generally have an upset stomach and feel light headed. My head doesn't usually throb, but it can.

    Try a can of soda. Not from a bottle or tap, but out of an aluminum can. Someone told me about this a long time ago, and it actually helps. It could just be a placebo, but I'm going to guess there is a reaction with the aluminum in the can :D. It sounds legit, anyway.
  15. Well, it's a well-known fact that frequency of migraines in people who play EMC is linked to the health of the economy, so I'd blame Aikar if I were you.
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  16. To add to that make sure that the soda is diet soda. Like Diet coke or a diet Mt. dew. Really sugar and caffeine are the enemy. Try to avoid them as much as possible. Especially caffeine.
  17. WATER!!!!! He has a fever....
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  18. WATER! IT HAS NO SUGAR!! lol!

    And aluminum wont have a reaction with the body or the liquid because guess what? It wouldn't be legal to sell!
  19. Chew on a piece of aluminum and then tell me it has no reaction.
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  20. Well of course he needs fluids in general to flush out whatever bacteria or infection that happens to rest inside of him but I was building on bonzd's statement. :)