Help! I updated my minecraft!

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  1. I updated minecraft forgetting the danger and now I can't fix it.
    I tried using 1.4.7 snapshots and it didn't work.
    I'm begging you please help!
  2. I did the same thing now i cant access the server till 1.5 comes out ive looked everywhere on the internet did every download i could find but to no prevaile i need help too.
  3. I have my Magic Launcher on 1.4.7 and my regular Minecraft on 1.5.
    Here's a download link. You know how to download it right?
  4. is there any way i could do this if i deleted my bin folder trying to use mc nostalgia?
  5. I'll explain it here (I guess) for Windows ONLY!

    1) Get to your .minecraft folder.
    2) Right click on Bin and select 'restore previous versions'
    3) Select a version from 1.4.7
    4) Play EMC
  6. If you deleted your bin folder, then just start up Minecraft and it will be automatically generated. Once that's done, close Minecraft, go back into your bin folder, and delete the file called "minecraft.jar". Then, go here:, scroll down until you see the version titled "1.4.7 Pre-release", then click the download link for the Client. After you have that downloaded, drag it into your bin folder where the old minecraft.jar used to be and start up Minecraft. Hope this helps. :)
  7. thank you so much im back online
  8. If anyone else is still having problems, and none of the above solutions have worked, try this:

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  9. I also updated by mistake
  10. I can read..... lol
  11. I can upgrade/downgrade in like seconds......just do it through magic launcher.
    Minecraft Wiki has all the Client/Jar files. I just pull them from there and i can change between versions all i want.
  12. Thanks Jack, I've added it to my list :)
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