Help; /home responds "That residence could not be found on any server"

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by wievil, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. Ok, who/what disappeared my home?
  2. When was your last login?
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  3. Back in September when I was home recovering from surgery. I went back to work after mid-September and have not been able to login very often. Last time I tried about a week ago it would not let me connect despite saying the server was up.

    I've been reading the forums. Does this mean my res was declared derelict and has been claimed by someone else or just deleted?
  4. Sadly, it was prob claimed by someone. If you remember the res # you can always go and see who it was :)
  5. Yes, it most certainly went derelict. Someone just claimed it and that's why you don't have a home, and the command could not be fulfilled.
  6. So how do I get it back?
  7. If you're gone for two weeks in a row, then your property will become derelict, where it can be claimed, or it will just be reset.
  8. You don't, you get a new res. :(
  9. Well, bye then Empire MineCraft. Not worth starting over. I don't have the 11 free days I spent here when I was home recovering from surgury.

    Horses and saddles. Cows. Sheep. Chickens. Carrots. Wheat sheaves/seeds. Diamonds. Iron ingots. Many chests of cobblestone, chests of extra soil hauled in from the wilderness. 20 growing Oaks. Fencing all round. A house.

    Not worth it doing it all over again. I just don't have the time.
  10. Sad to here your going. :(
  11. It's not really that hard to even vote once every 15 days, which is an alternative. Sad that you're leaving however.
  12. Your res was declared derelict on the 24th of September after you were absent for 15 days. No one force claimed it but the automatic system unclaimed it on the 4th October to maintain a number of open reses for new players. Sadly anything on the res is lost but items in your vault are safe.
    Remember everyone that voting for EMC also prevents your res becoming derelict. Vote at
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  13. Sad that your leaving, EMC never likes to see new people go :(
  14. I would suggest not leaving and just starting over. You say 'It's not worth it' but I disagree. It totally is worth it. This can give you a chance to build something new on your res that you have wanted to build but just didn't have the space for it. Hopefully you change your mind and continue playing here on EMC.
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  15. Im afraid you have been away for to long and your residence was reset and probably claimed by someone else.
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