[Help] Graphical Bugs

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  1. Hello EMC. Today and yesterday I have been getting some weird bugs... I've included an imgur album here: http://imgur.com/a/IRVmR

    What can I do to fix this?

  2. ... Whaaaa
    try reinstalling minecraft
    or updating graphics drivers
  3. Weird, I never seen that before. Do what bro said and also check if you have the latest update of java...
  4. Have you changed a resource pack or messed with settings recently? Sometimes it will do this if you can't support a certain resource pack - or if a resource pack was made incorrectly... Alternatively you could have changed versions and the resource pack isn't for a particular version...

    If you haven't messed with resource packs or versions... I might say to either re-install your graphics driver or update it if it's not updated yet.
  5. Edit* I just noticed it's only appearing in certain chunks - other chunks it looks normal... I might do what bro says first before you update graphics card... try seeing if this occurs on older versions... newer versions etc... if it does then i'd fall to updating your graphics card or messing with settings... else yeh just re-install minecraft.
  6. I have not seen that kind of bug before.
    I will give you two steps on what to do to possibly fix this.

    1. Reinstall Minecraft. (delete your entire .Minecraft file)
    2. Update Java, Graphic Drivers and Windows.
  7. It shouldn't have anything to do with java nor windows... :p
  8. Looks like a texture pack problem, maybe paired with chunk loading errors.
  9. I'll try running a different version of minecraft. I am using the default recourse pack, with OptiFine.
  10. What version are you running? Some of the textures look like 1.8 textures
  11. This has happened to me before:
    idk if this is the same problem, but what I do to fix it is reset video settings and log off for awhile.
  12. porphos... that screen looks like 3d mode is enabled...
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  13. lol
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  14. That's 3D mode... Not the same.
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  15. No. That setting is off when I have this problem. I check my settings to see what is wrong and that is still off. It happens to me if I leave minecraft idle for too long.
  16. It's still 3d mode though. Put on your 3d glasses, you'll see. I don't know why that would happen without you setting it so though.

    Also, I don't know how to help you, PenguinDJ, but that certainly looks amazing! :eek: I understand that it makes it hard to play though.
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