[HELP] Find an Old Resource Pack, Win a Prize!

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  1. Okay gang, let's split up!

    Seriously though, I've been trying for a few days now to find a really old resource pack I used back in early 2017. I've combed through screenshots and my old forum posts, and to date, this is the only picture I've found:

    The sky is one of the most obvious features.

    Because I want to find this pack so bad, I am offering 100k rupees to the first person that finds this pack for me.

    I'm pretty sure the pack is from Planet Minecraft, if it's any help to you sleuths out there.

    I have no idea of the name or creator of the pack, but it's a vanilla-like as you can see from the screenshot. Kind of like R3D Craft.

    Alright investigators, get at it!

  2. I found a few more pictures. It seems the only pictures were from my never-opened shop I built a while ago, so limited textures on items can be seen.

    edit: I know for a fact that the sky at night has rainbow stars with clouds and a moon, if it helps.
  3. Is it Faithful?
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  4. that's what I thought too
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  5. Downloading and checking.
  6. That *is* the pack, but I must have had shaders to enable the sky. You guys did find it though, so 50k to each of you :p
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  7. As maybe an extension to the contest, if anyone can find a realistic sky shader pack like the one in the first picture, another 100k could be in store...a key feature of it is that at night, it has rainbow stars.
  8. Sildurs shaders? That one looks like the sky in your first picture, not sure about the nighttime thing though.
  9. Well, that was easy... :p (If courageous enough to ignore your remark about the sky)
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  11. I was going to say it looked like faithful, but the items in the second pic doesn't look exactly the same. Good luck in your search.
  12. Affinity HD?
  13. That is the resource pack, but I'm looking for the actual shaders now.

    Not that one either. I guess it's forever lost, unfortunately
  14. I'm guessing that the sky and nightime sky you had were maybe custom added. I think you can just download extra sky things to add to your shader pack. From all the shaders I've ever seen I could not find a sky like that other than sildurs and there were no night skys with rainbow stars.
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  15. Yeah you're probably right. I've watched countless clickbait youtube videos and absolutely nothing comes up for it
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  16. That's what I've been trying lol, only purple sky was sildurs. you might be able to find a custom sky one though
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