[HELP] Crashes (Logs Included)

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  1. Hey guys!
    I have had lots of crashes recently.
    I think it is due to the same reason.

    I dunno how to read Logs, so if anyone would help me that would be awesome.
    These crashes happen sometimes when I am starting MC, or when I am disconnecting from a world or server.

    Sorry I couldn't find any better hosting sites.


    I hope that that's enough.
    I have more if you guys need them.

  2. Are you using any mods?
  3. Yes.
    Optifine, Inv. Tweaks, and Voxel Map.

    Using Forge w/ Liteloader.
    If you want specific versions and everything, you can go to my previous pages.

    By the way I deleted the Bksp Core and ArmourStatusHUD since my last Help post.
  4. Try removing them all and see if you don't crash anymore.
  5. Could it have been my Texture Pack?
    I added Serenity HD with some modifications to my resource pack list.
  6. Deslecting a texture pack is very quick, so do that first.

    Then uninstall all of your mods. I would recommend copying your minecraft folder and then deleting it and starting over. You're having too many crashes so something's not right.

    Obviously, paste your saves back in, but other than that try a fresh start.
  7. Try taking everything off making it so you are using just regular minecraft.
  8. Okay.
    Of course it will work if I go to Vanilla...
  9. Start at pure vanilla and add each mod one at a time. Test it for a day and if it works, add the next mod. If after adding a certain mod the game starts crashing, then you know the culprit.
  10. Okay.
    Thnx guys!
    I'll try texture packs and mods.
  11. Guys.
    The weirdest thing.

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  12. I have to use 1.8.0 because it is the last version that is compatible with Forge.
    Unless there is another way...
    Is it possible to use Forge and Optifine together? And have a version of Optifine newer than 1.8.0?
  13. Install forge, put optifine in the mods folder.
  14. The Optifine Installer or the Version?
    And the Installer trick only works up to 1.8.0 Ultra Optifine.
    I've experimented.
  15. Either I believe, try the version first though.
  16. Tried.
  17. First off, did you read my original post?
    With the Optifine D3 1.8.0 Ultra in the Mods folder, MC keeps crashing when I hit minimize.

    That's my main problem right now; then the Optifine version thing.
  18. I took a look at your logs and one line stood out:
    C  [ig4icd64.dll+0x84bdca]
    After googling it, I came across several posts which state that the problem is that Intel graphics don't support the newest version of Minecraft. Can you confirm if you have Intel graphics on your device? When was your computer made/bought? Try opening up device manager and checking the processor tab and post what you see there.
  19. I have Intel.
    Will tell u version when I get on my PC.