[help] Can't see alerts, inbox, or personal header.

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by brickstrike, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Title says it all, I can't find it ;3
    Will try again in a few hours, but please offer solutions!
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  2. Me either, where is it"
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  3. Me too! I thought my computer was bugging out. Maybe Aikar is adding a new feature in the website but forgot a line of code. :p
  4. This is some sorcery.
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  5. OMG Me also!

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  6. Obviously it's on their end. :p
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  7. Its gone see, it should be at the top, but is not D: Screenshot (65).png
  8. I was just about to post about this, I thought it was on my end so I cleared my cache and stuff then I saw this lol

    I blame ICC
  9. Omg, now Links are not working...
  10. They work if you open in new tab :p

    Uh I think Aikar broke something, then he tried fixing it and broke something else. I don't this is gonna work out.
  11. Note, that if I had tried to edit the site, something like this, or worse would have happened...but this time was in fact Aikar's fault, lol.
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  12. My second theory comes through..
  13. Aikar is taking over the whole empire
  14. Who knew a thin grey bar at the top of a forum would cause so couch commotion within 15 minutes of being removed lol

    No but really, someone gave Aikar the wrong toy.
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  15. Next thing you know, its Aikar Empire...
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  16. This is like those Teen moments, when your phone gets taken away. You cant live without D:
  17. i have no idea how that happened, the template just disappeared... I might of accidently renamed it ><

    accidently did that the other day..
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  18. What if Aikar resets the whole site. And we all lose everything.