[HELP] Can't log into my Minecraft account (need urgent help)

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  1. Hello everyone!

    So this evening, I wanted to play some Minecraft, for obvious reasons :p I launched the game, but when I logged into EMC, it said, "Account not authenticated with Minecraft.net". What. So I restarted the game, and it still said that. I logged into my alts, and they did work. Then I thought, maybe I just had to reenter my password. When I tried that, it said the following:

    What. Why?! I NEVER migrated my account. I've never had to log in with my email address. I don't even remember the email address I used...

    What should I do? How can I just continue playing without doing that stupid migration thingy that sucks? I just want to keep logging in with my username, like how it should go, and not have to use an email address I don't even know...

    Thanks for you help! :)
  2. Can anyone help me?
  3. Why do you say migration sucks? Security is something you don't like?

    But anyways it sounds like someone did it. If you still have the info from when you bought the game then they might be able to help you. But this is exactly why you SHOULD migrate your account.
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  4. Ok dude ill help you I have had this problem before fine the email use used to create your minecraft account and put is on username, then write password
  5. Ehm, if you don't even know the email you used.. You're going to have a problem here.
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  6. If you didn't migrate your account, it is possible someone migrated it for you and now owns your account.
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  7. If you can't remember the email you used, someone else that found/guessed your password now owns your account and there is nothing you can do. Even if you knew the email I don't think anything could be done.
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  8. This is why you should migrate..

    Considering you're from LTT, you may have used 000webhost before.. They recently had a huge database leak and your user/pass could have easily been involved. Since you didn't migrate, they would have been able to put it onto a new email and sadly that's about GG for your account unless you have proof of ownership through payment :\
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  9. No offense but why do you not know the email that you used. You kinda need it when your doing things like that.

    Try changing your password
  10. They did not tell you to migrate just because they felt like it - it was for your own security so this wouldn't happen.. They now have no way to tell if the account is yours without proof of buying it.
  11. //offtopic
    Thanks for informing me about that! I just had a problem with XSplit as they had a database leak from 2013.
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  12. Well, maybe I was a bit too harsh on it, but I much prefer just logging in with my username, as that's much quicker. I also don't really understand why it's secured better, I probably missed that.

    That sucks. I do have the emails, the transaction ID, and I found the email account back :D

    Tried that, didn't work.

    I actually did find the email (address). :)

    That sucks. How can they do that? I thought you'd always get at least one email back to your old email address.

    I'm not sure if I've used 000webhost. Myself, I don't host a website, but maybe I did use a site that does/did use 000webhost. How do I find out if this is the case?
    I do think that I haven't used this exact password for many other sites though, luckily. This does remind me again that I really need to think of some good passwords, and start changing all of them :p

    I do have the transaction ID, and 3 emails from Mojang, from when I bought the game.

    I actually did find out the email, I wasn't really sure, and I couldn't check yet, as it already was really late. It wasn't my email, for some reason I honestly don't know...
    I've already tried changing my password, didn't help, I actually wasn't even able to do it.

    Just wondering, why did our accounts have to be migrated? What was wrong with the old system?


    I sent Mojang an email, and because I have both the original email, and the transaction ID, it should be pretty easy for them to give my account back, according to their site. :D
    Hopefully I get an email, and my account back soon.

    Thanks all for the replies. :)

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  13. Good to hear. Now migrate it!! :p It will save you in the future.
  14. The old system did not hold a secure login method other than just username. Your username is not secure as anybody can get it and then crack your password with a bruteforce style attack. Your email, although not amazing, is much more secure than just your username. Plus, they can easily verify ownership of an account through email where as anybody can have your username.
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  15. Haha. I'll tell my friend to migrate his account too, and I'll have to find some way to migrate my sisters account aswell. Thanks making me think of it :)

    Fair enough. :)

    I do understand that with name changing, it might be easier for Mojang to let us all use email addresses, but I still think it would be much more convenient to just be able to log in with your username. I do agree that the username has to be connected to your email address, though.
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  16. But if you can login with your username.. Like I said, I know your username is TomvanWijnen. I do not know your email. If I was really determined, I could send thousands of login requests to Mojang's servers for the username TomvanWijnen and a bunch of common passwords. In all likelihood, I may get one of them correct and now I have your password and I can therefore migrate your account under my own email and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. Logging in with your username is unsecure.

    You can have conveniency or you can have security. They don't go together. Think about which is worth more to you, 5 seconds of your time to type in your email or your Minecraft account?
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  17. Now I understand it even better! Thanks for explaining it so well to me. :)

    Another question: if you would know my email address, would you be able to do the same?
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  18. Yes I would, but if I got your account, you'd be able to easily recover it using the very simple "forgot my password" button. If I manage to get your email, which in and of itself would take either some trickery or some digging, and I still cracked your password with it, you could just reverse it since you have the email to it.
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  19. Plus after your migrate you get an email when something is changed.
  20. But what if you would for some reason get access to my email account, and changed the password? Then I can't access it anymore. What does then happen?

    Luckily I have a different password for my email than Minecraft, and while I do use parts of a different password for it, it's got a completely different spin to it :cool: And yes, I know, I need to revise all my passwords.