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  1. Hey guys, Magic here. And I am bored lul. It says help and support. I need help. Help me do something! If you have something we can work on, or suggestions tell me thanks!
    • Set yourself some goals:
      • Try and make them hard; so not "Make a shop" but "Reach 5 million rupees"
    • Look back at what you've done currently whilst you've been playing and then completely invert that play-style. E.g. If you've been running a shop, join or create a wild base.
    • Take a break
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  2. 1. Gather friends and go mining.
    2. Gather friends, go to SMP1 /v netherspleef. Though you might want to bring your own netherrack to repair the floor and your own cheap pick since Empire Shop sells a Diamond Ef 1 diamond pick for 4k which is a waste, since you lose it when you die. And you have to pay for a whole floor of netherrack.
    3. Go on an adventure.
    4. Go do something besides minecraft *GASP! THE HORROR!*
    5. Go to SMP5 and /v heyaroo and go through the amusement park.
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  4. Um...o-o Have fun with that? So many chickens xD
  5. I AM THE chicken :D #Yolo!
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  6. NONONO.jpeg :p
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  7. I do not understand this concept?
  8. Follow my steps, and you'll be away from EMC in no time!
    Step 1) Close out MC and the fourms tab
    Step 2) Shut down your PC
    Step 3) Walk away

    CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed my 3 step course to go away from MC! :D
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  9. Something that is fun is starting a wild community from nothing. Just grab couple of members who want to come the go to /wild and start walking until you guys/girls find a perfect spot to have a community. Good Luck :)
  10. Make a statue of me.
  11. You could always help with the smp4 project of R0bbieJo's. Visit : smp4.jackbiggin.me/index.php. we always need help!
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  12. When i doublt: Watch MLP! :D

  13. Everything else is easy to understand but...I cannot get my head around this 'closing Minecraft' concept.
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  14. My computer just told me some errors when i tried step 1/2 then step 3 i walked away but hit a tree :\
    It is not safe away from MC
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  15. hahah thanks guys :D Dwight, I have already got an outpost as a owner, but I like the idea of just have a few mates living somewhere or something. Tinkerbell, I would like to help, is there pay or any sheet to fill out? And closing MC then walking away, well I can do that xD I have lacrosse in 10 degree puring down with rain wheather at the moment, posting this at 7AM cause lacrosse at 9 :/