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  1. Hai again, it's your friend. This is to give Help and Supporting Details. (If you didn't read the tittle.)
    Anyways, I just wanna say this is a good server. At the beginning, it gives details when you start the server. Anyways, let me tell you how this game is played, trust me, I've been playing this server for 2 years. Let's get to it! So if you need help do /help, It will give you many options to choose from.
    Also, there is a shop! Do /shop to visit, It has every material you might need! Now, all in all, we all know this (You should) that we all can have 1 residence. (If you are not Gold+) If you are Gold+ you can have 4 residences. Anyways, to claim them you do this; /claim (Residence Number). If you have trouble and won't let you claim it, go to a different residence. If you are having a hard time finding a residence, do /v open. Anyways, I meant to say this will only explain Residence helpings. Hope you are all having a nice day, and I'll keep posting more threads for you guys! Hope y'all are having a nice day!
    Your Friend,
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  2. Nice thread :)
    I'd like to add though, that /shop has very high prices. You'd be better off searching for a player shop, and only going to /shop as a last resort.
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  3. You've got the extra res numbers wrong.

    Free - 1 max
    Iron - 1 max
    Gold - 2 max
    Diamond - 4 max

    For reference:
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