[Help and Support] Land not rendering

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Roslyn, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. So basically, this has been starting to happen more and more. I'm starting to think its a possible corruption within my Minecraft files somehow or whatever it can be. I log in and out and the same chunks are still like this. Making it rather difficult to either build/parkour/navigate a mall or res/ anything else on EMC. Some might say "Wow you're so lucky you have that issue", as for me when you need to build lots of stuff for the server, it becomes irritating and I find myself either having to restart my computer or leave MC for that day if restarting doesn't fix the issue. Anyone have a clue what is happening?
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  2. I used to have this issue, F3+a is a good quick fix. Another more permanent solution is to install and run Optifine. Optifine will not only fix the chunk error, it will improve you fps. I hope that helps! :3
  3. Attenpting to edit the chunk fixes it for me.
  4. While optifine massively improved my FPS, I still get these issues... :p But, yeah, like the others have said, pressing F3 + a works (for me). :)