[HELP] 1 Gold or 2 Iron?

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What should I buy?

1 Month of Gold 5 vote(s) 23.8%
2 Months of Iron 1 vote(s) 4.8%
  1. Today I have planned to buy some sort of Supporter and do not know if I should buy 2 months of Iron Supporter giving my 400 every day or 1 month of Gold Supporter giving my 700 a day plus a 2nd res.

    I have done the math and in 1 month of Gold Supporter I will gain a total of 21700r + a 2nd res.

    If I do not spend any of the income or 2 months of Iron Supporter I will gain a total of 22440.

    And the question is, what should I buy?
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  2. gold cause ive seen people sell reses for 100k... so if u do that gold gives u 121700r (dont sell the res though) and iron doesn't give u that xtra perk
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  3. Potato all the way.
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  4. selling res does not work... since the owner will still have the full control of his/her res.
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  5. 100% Potato
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  6. I can see you've made your decision, you went with the right choice, the 2nd res is great.
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  7. Choose Gold, utopia has amazing things :)
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  8. i never said sell the res i said a res is as valuable as 100k