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  1. Hi there! This is Kary, I'm Lasluin's little cousin and I've been playing single Minecraft for a while but it was boring and I couldn't show off my builds so here I am now!

    I am Spanish and I'm learning English at school (my real age is 13, my cousin messed up with the date xD) so please take it easy while talking to me :p

    Nice to meet you all and hope to see you around, my res is 1707 in SMP1 and we are building a little village so feel free to visit and maybe even get a job when we are done haha.
  2. Nice to meet you. Welcome to the empire!
  3. Hello primilla :p You should introduce Johnny to everyone too xD
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  4. Johnny who? Cheddar?
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  5. PM an admin to have your age changed. And welcome.
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  6. Hi! Your cousin has served me particularly well recently, you're in safe hands in this community :)
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  7. Hi again this is my little chicken Johnny <3 I LOVE IT

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  8. You like chickens? Why, the king of all chickenkind lives right here on EMC.
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  9. xDD not that Johnny, but her first ever chicken in EMC. We named "him" Johnny, and Johnny are called all of his descendants. Only other chicken name is Jessy, but we can't tell girls from boys so yeah.

    Thanks ^_^ I tried with Maxarias, hopefully it will be fixed soon but the shame on me shall stay xDD
  10. Bienvenido! De qué parte de España eres?
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  11. Welcome to EMC! :)
  12. Graaaaciaas :p Soy de Toledo como mi prima ¿y tu?
  13. Bueno yo soy de buenos aires argentina. Te gusta el fútbol?
  14. Welcome to the Empire! :)
    I speak English and am learning spanish. xD
  15. IcecreamCow?

    Anyway, welcome Kary! I'm currently (failing at) learning Spanish. :)
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  16. Así qué has estado aprendiendo! Como esta yendo?
  17. Anglicus solum ex forums placent.
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  18. Yeah... didn't get a word of that - sorry >.<

    (I'm really not good at all)
  19. Acero toledano. La inicia de la reconquista. Ciudad maravillosa!
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  20. I said: oh have u Been letning? How is going?