Helloo EMC!

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  1. Hey hey EMC!

    My real name is Jelle, my ign is RaiinNL. Im 20 years old! Some people know me already, Im playing on EMC now like 250 days or something like that. I thought its time to introduce myself on the forum!
    You can find me on SMP6.

    My english isnt that great, Im sorry for that !


    Raiin !
  2. Welcome to the forums Jelle :)
  3. Your English looks very good to me, as far as I can tell from this post and from what I saw of you on SMP6. Welcome to the forums.
  4. welcome to the forums Jelle/RaiiNL :D
  5. Nice to meet you, If you want to be a Tah just be yourself!!
  6. Hmm, and you happento be 68 days on EMC or such? Because your real name also sounds familiar in-game :)

    Well, and going by your IRL name as well as the last part of your nickname I'd say you're also a fellow Dutchie like I am :)

    Dus sja... Een verlate welkom op het EMC forum / So yeah... A belated welcome to the EMC forums :D

    Mijn English kan be a much worse dan yours als its needed :D

    (or something gibberish-alike'ish) :)
  7. Thanks guys ! :D And yeah, Im a dutchie! @shelLuser . At this moment Im 284 days and 20 hours on EMC!
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  8. Hi Jelle. Welcome to the Empire. Your written english is very good. Glad you are enjoying your stay. :)
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  9. Welcome to your 250+ days, smp4 rules
  10. Thanks! but smp6 is the best !
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  11. and iceland is better then the dutch in football ;) hey raiin/Jelle!
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  12. We will get iceland in the future!
  13. I look forward to seeing you around EMC! Welcome!
  14. Welkom op de EMC forums dan :)
    (Welcome to the EMC forums then :))
  15. Thanks guys! :D
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  16. Kolbeinn Finnsson