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  1. Hi EMC I'm NothingmaN79.

    My son just started playing Minecraft on his ipad so I started playing again on my PC. This server looks like fun. I appreciated the tutorial at the start of my journey as I am not familiar with any commands to help me along. My neightbourhood looks very barren right now but hopefully that will change. I am currently on SMP7 and I assume that chat doesn't go across servers?

    I look forward to playing with you.
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  2. Welcome, chat doesn't go across servers
    Smp5 is bae
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  3. Welcome to EMC :D

    If you need something, I'm often around on SMP9 :)
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  4. Welcome! :)
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  5. Hi, and welcome to the Empire. Anything you need to know just ask - anyone around will be happy to help you out :)
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  6. Hi NothingmaN. Welcome to the Empire. Great to see another Canadian join. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  7. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
  8. Welcome to EMC! :) If you need anything let us know!
  9. Heyo! Welcome to Empire Minecraft! This server is really great, and I myself have been on for over 3 years. I've never seen a server like it; it's great! I hope you have fun ;3
  10. and it has me
  11. Stop listing the bad things
  12. Welcome to EMC :D
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  13. good job i live next to a doctors surgery because i just got burned
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  14. Welcome to the Empire!
  15. Welcome! If you ever need help or need to talk about anything I'm at smp1. If i'm not available, everyone else will be glad to help out :)
  16. Welcome to EMC! I started here to find a suitable server for my son to play on. I played using his account for a little while, just to make sure I approved of the server. I quickly fell in love with this server & became addicted. So much so that I quickly went and got my own MC account so I could join this server. Now I probably play more than he does (ok, DEFINATELY play more than he does). If you need anything, I'm usually on SMP9. That's where I call home.
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  17. Welcome to the empire where animatroics can't kill you
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  18. You have to read his post about how he got his name to understand/ appriciate this. It truly is a good read! Maybe FoxyRavenger can put up a link for you (I can't remember where I saw it).
  19. Welcome to the empire, Nothingma! :)