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  1. Hello everyone. New to EMC, but not Minecraft. I have a question, I saw that a few mods that add items were incompatible but not disallowed. Does that mean that we are able to use mods that do? Like ones similar to red power?
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  3. Ah, read the lists but didn't see the generalized rule.
  4. Well now you know :) Feel free to ask me anything in game or on the forums im almost always on
  5. Welcome to EMC! :D
  6. Welcome to the Empire, jamert!
  7. Welcome to the empire! :D
  8. Hello and welcome to the Empire!
    If a mod is not on the 'allowed' list, and you are not sure whether it would be acceptable, I would suggest that you get approval of the mod prior to using it.
    See ya around!