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  1. Wassup guys! I'm new and ready to start my adventure on Empire Minecraft!! I found this server on minecraft-list.org it seems like a good server :)
    I am a good builder but I need resources all the time and that isn't always fun getting them :(

    But I think I will try my best to be the best on this server and JustinGuy, I think you will like me as a whole person than my 14 year self. Many things changed over the years and guess what, my maturity as well. It's always nice to see my old posts and edit them when I have been gone for so long. I seen your grave yard shrine and I shed a little tear. It brought me back to my childhood when I played on this server. With all this experienced gained over the years from life and mc, I think it's time for me to get back at it. Justin, you are the best and still are. Let's hope for me to stay longer than I have. :')
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  2. Woohoo, no one posts in here to introduce themselves.

    How did you find the server?
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  3. Sigh good old days of justin. This was my welcome of EMC when I was joining. Kinda boring...

    Edit: I also might of edited my post when I came back in April :p
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  4. You's old. :p
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  5. I wasn't joking lol
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  6. Wow, this was about a month earlier as when I first heard of the Empire Minecraft :eek:.
    (I'ave played Minecraft on an accound owned by one of Tomvanwijnen's freinds before I did get my one)