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  1. Good evening everyone! I hope all is well! I recently joined and am enjoying my time thus far. I wanted to introduce myself as I plan to be a active member in the forum's! So here is a little about me: So my favorite color is purple, I plan to type in it at all times, I enjoy nature, Hiking and such. I love to read and write (Both in Minecraft and real life). And my favorite block in the Mc world is anything birch. It's so pretty . I am on Smp5 also, feel free to hop on and get to know me. I do plan on getting gold, utopia is oh so tempting. Hope to see you around! :)
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  2. Welcome to the Empire my fellow smp5er :) Hope you have fun time playing here
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  3. Welcome to the Empire! I'm glad to be one of the first to welcome you to the forums.
    EDIT: I knew it would happen! Come on Dwight.
    Welcome anyways. If you get gold it would be a pleasure to show you the giant end farm. Stop by SMP3 sometime if I'm on. I might have a few goodies for you.
  4. Welcome to the empire! I love to read too. Any favorite books? Good luck with whatever you choose to do!
  5. prepare for a wave of people telling you to go on smp4
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  6. Wow! Thanks all! I am loving the Empire! I already have my first build planned :)
  7. Walcum to da empaja ajm killerzone
  8. I thought you were Ahzrael at a glance. Now I am sad.
    Welcome to the Empire.
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  9. Welcome to EMC! :)
    Remember, the wild and nether aren't dangerous if you go out well equipped. :)
  10. I'm sorry :(
  11. Oh, no, it's no fault of yours. Don't worry. :)
  12. Welcome! I have to say this: here in the Empire the serve trolls You. I say it always
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  13. Hey, my favorite color is purple too! Welcome to EMC! If you need any food or farming stuff I'll be on smp9.
  14. Welcome to the Empire! Its the best place ever! :rolleyes:
    Me Too!
  15. Ok :) I love your signature ^_^
  16. Yay, good taste wins the day!
  17. Thanks for all the warm welcomes! I am enjoying being a member of EMC! :)
  18. How'd you know?

    Come to SMP4!
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  19. Welcome to EMC, I know that you're gonna enjoy it here :D - can I ask, how did you find us?