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  1. ingame you will see me as blackdeath7123 but feel free to call me tai and free to visit my place anytime on server 8
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  3. Welcome Tai!
    So you landed on crazy smp8... just make sure to never accept a fish if someone tries to give you one.
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  4. Welcome to EMC! If you have any questions just ask :)
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  5. I will still call you by your name. If you are on smp7, I will get you know you better ;)

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  6. Why not?
    Anyway: Welcome!
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  7. Well unless you want to be their wife that is.
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  8. Hi Tai. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :) Don't forget to send out the wedding invitations when you get a fish from someone. ;)
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  9. Welcome!
    Its up to you if you accept the fish, but just be warned the chat can get wierd at times ;)
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  10. well when i get my diamond membership accepted maybe ill take a res spot in 7 XD
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  11. so that means i have 53 different invites to send out x.x
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  12. Heya Tai!!! Welcome to the EMC family, if you need anything please ask! :)
  13. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
  14. thank ya
  15. but my sheep farm and wall on smp8
  16. try /v +gold
    On smp4, then be amazed
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  18. probably
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