Hello to all the Peoples

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  1. Greeting, and good day!!

    My name is Grayshell, I am new to the server and still learning, but am already enjoying all the mechanics, and love the community here already. I would love to grow into this community, so don't be afraid to say hi...I don't bite!!

    Also I am just getting into Live streaming on Twitch and was wondering if there was a place on the forums that this topic would be fit for discussion?

    Again thank you for your time and can't wait to play on this server more and meet some awesome people!!
  2. Welcome to EMC! I hope you will enjoy your stay with us and will maybe see you around, if you're ever on or visiting on SMP8. :cool:

    As far as a place on the forums for Live streaming discussion, I think you should be able to post in the "Share Your Let's Plays and Other Videos" forum. :)
  3. Awesome, and thank you I'll def have to visit, and I'll be sure to check out that forum!!
  4. Hi GreyShell. Welcome to the Empire. What server are you on? Enjoy your stay. :)
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  5. Welcome to the Empire! If ya ever need anything or want to chat, I can usually be found lurking on smp9. :)
  6. Heya GreyShell welcome to the Empire! I'm so glad you are liking it so far. If you ever need anything please ask. :)
  7. Welcome to The Empire! Glad you're Enjoying it! :)
  8. I must have missed this thread. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
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  9. I'am a bit late aswell, but,
    Welcome to The Empire Minecraft :D
  10. Well, I can top the "too late" list but better late than never ;)

    Welcome to the Empire Grey!
  11. Welcome to EMC! :)