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  1. Hey, it's taking quite a bit of courage for me to post this because I don't talk much on servers, but I'm trying! Anyway, my name is Trelenia, I don't really have a nickname besides one my friends gave me because of my old username which would be Dark. I don't really know what I'm supposed to say, but I like Undertale, Kingdom Hearts, and The World Ends With You (fantastic game btw), and that's all I have for right now haha.
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  2. Welcome! I just wanted to say, I really like your name. It's very unique!
    I'm new to Empire Minecraft, the forums as well and am already having a blast. ^^

    What server are you making your home on? And if you'd like to team up in the wilderness or something, let me know! :D

    Also, I commend your courage! I respect people who try. ^^
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  3. Welcome to EMC! If you have any questions feel free to ask here, or find myself or another player to ask!

    What SMP do you call home?
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  4. Welcome, I hope you'll have a great time here! :D
    From that short description, I'm already liking you! :) I'm going to look up The World Ends With You now!
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  5. Hi Trelenia. Welcome to the Empire. It is a great server to relax on and thanks for your post, it is good to see people trying to expand their boarders. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  6. Thank you so much!, I am currently deciding between smp8 and smp7, but have my residence on smp8 at the moment

    What server are you on?
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  7. welcome 2 EMC server!

    same here, but community is really cool. dont matter much if u talk 2 much or just keep 2 urself.

    lol, i think this is my 1st time i welcomed some1 on forums ^.^

    smp4 is where the action happens ^.^
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  8. Haha, that has been noted, and I am honored for being your first forum response c:
  9. I'm on SMP1 right now, but I'm still moving around trying to find *home*. I've been told SMP8 is the Las Vegas of Empire Minecraft. :D What do you plan on building?
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  10. Welcome! If you need iron come to smp5 and type/v +fe ;)

    Cheap 2r
  11. That's exactly how I am with servers, and I will definitely be checking out that outpost!
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  12. Welcome to EMC, if you have any questions just ask we are all friendly :p
  13. All the smps are really good with smp5 being just a bit better than the rest. I think that is pretty well known on here. But wherever you are you will enjoy it here. It's the best minecraft server I've ever played on.
  14. I've heard that it's pretty crazy too, but it's been rather quiet lately. I don't really know, but I eventually want to build on the frontier (and also find one that's not utterly destroyed)
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  15. most frontier areas around spawn look like a battlefield but gets better when u go further out. best thing u can do is go out at least 2 - 3k blocks then u should be able 2 find some useful ground.
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  16. Yeah, that's usually how it haha, war zone near spawn, beautiful mountains and hills further out
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  17. Welcome there! Glad to have you board the Empire!