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  1. Looking back on the past year(ish) I realized I never made an introductory thread.
    Back now that I have grown on the empire I know a lot about it, and know how to make a intro thread XD

    Hello, I'm Chespinlover77 (but backwards :p)
    I'm in 8th grade this year
    I love playing video games (mostly emc :3)
    I'm currently hooked on playing a new game I got last weekend called "watch dogs"
    I love reading (especially if it is about mc XD) , cooking, riding bikes, and hanging out at school.

    My favorite color is green
    If you can't tell I love pokemon ( as I have 3 other accounts with pokemon names :) )

    If you want to know more about what I like, or what I do please comment below ;)
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  2. Hi 77revolnipsehc. Nice to meet you. ;)
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  3. I will always remember you as Chespinlover77.
    Why'd you change your name?
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  4. Idk just felt like testing it out :p
  5. So I guess I will remember you from 3PMS. :p (If you still remember me)
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  6. Of course (I get what you did there ;) )
  7. OHHHH Another American spelling COLOUR Color
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  8. Hello :p Ches isn't this a little late xD
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  9. Ha, ha, ha, this is amazing! Nice idea to put your name backwards, it even has a weird sound to it ;)

    Ahem, sorry, that's no way to talk to a new player :D

    Hi 77revolnip, welcome to the Empire! What server did you end up on?

    Don't forget to /vote for the Empire, it gets you nice stuff and helps you earn rupees too :) And in case you missed it you should definitely use the /promo command and claim your own magical workbench! :)

    Well, something tells me that you most likely already enjoy a lot of fun on the Empire so I'll just skip that part for now :)
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  10. I do usally say: "Welcome to the EmireMinecraft :D "
    But couse you aren't new zi have to think something else...

    "Nice to meet you :D "

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  11. Why yes, yes it is :3
  12. Ih stI em 32taC_lexiP ) nnIpaNtaC (
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