Hello old friends

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  1. Hey guys!

    Who remembers me? I don't play hardly any minecraft anymore, but I just love this community to pieces! I'm planning on doing a party with my good friends from here, so expect a PM sometime this week. Others will be invited!

    Let's see who remembers me <3

    Contact info 'cause I like you guys:

    Email: thetrufflehunterz@gmail.com
    Instagram: Thetrufflehunter
    Steam: Thetrufflehunter
    iMTG (for if you play magic): Thetrufflehunter
    Google+/Hangouts: Thetrufflehunter
    Dragoncave (don't use it much, but will breed my rares on request): Thetrufflehunter
    Feel free to imessage me at my email.
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  2. I never spoke with you, but I remember your adorable avatar. How could I forget that cuddly critter? :p
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  3. I don't remember your avatar, and we never spoke much but I really recognise your username :p
    Welcome back, hope you can stay this time
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  4. Hey Truffle! :D

    How's it going?
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  5. Ah yes, I do.
    Welcome back :)
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  6. who are you?

    *has you added on steam*
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  7. I'd just like to point something out...

    Extravaganza to come.
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  9. Contact info on the OP.