Hello New old guy here.

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  1. Been playing about a month with 1.0 and now 1.1. I'm 53 and am having a great time with Minecraft. ;)
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  2. Welcome To EMC... This is a great place to play MC. My husband and our 13 year old son all play on SMP4 and we love it. Have Fun and let us know if we can help you in any way.:)
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  3. Nice to meet you! Welcome to the empire :)

    We are glad to have you.
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  4. Thank you all! Forgot to mention ...tonight is the first time I've signed on to a server in minecraft since I bought the game. I played about an hour and went to a wilderness and killed a few mobs, dug around and brought back some iron and coal. Came back to town and built a small block house and planted my trees. Then got disconnected from the server and can't get back on. oh well time for bed anyway. lol Thanks again! :D
  5. We are having scheduled maintenance right now. Another thing is these servers at EMC are so popular that you may want to think about the $5 month supporter status. Not only do you get more rupees every day but you are guaranteed to always get on even if we are full.... THAT is the winning ticket right there :)
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  6. If you need any help tell me :)
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  7. P.S Just got back on and found out I'm on smp3.

    Yep good idea RObbie.

    thanks uriel
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  8. Good to have you, sorry about the short downtime :)
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  9. Not a problem! thanks for your effort and support.
  10. Damn lol i know this has nothing to do with this but i just watched a really sad movie :,(
  11. Had my 90yr old mom over tonight and watch Open Plains...Kevin Kostner and Robert Duval. Great western. She like it.
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  12. That is a good movie, welcome to the server man :) I hope you enjoy your time here... need any help? I am good with the odd bit of redstone :)

    Its nice to see that minecraft can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and it is especially good to see EMC is filled with people of all ages... it ADDS a bit of diversity to the server :)

    Once again, welcome :)
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  13. Oh nmanly right now i'm on smp3 come on if you want i can help yuo with your house ;)
  14. MR2RM, Thanks for the warm welcome!!! Hey is that a blimp in your avatar pic? I use to do radio control helicopters and a buddy had a RC blimp he flew at the Las Vegas Arena Football games for advertising. Had to ask. LOL

    P.S. nice photoshop on the banner. My eyes still can read it though. hahaha
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  15. Thanks uriel155 but I'm going to crash for the night. my wife and (full custody) grandson will have me jumping tomorrow. Look for me me though as "I'll Be BACK". :D

    Good night ....
  16. Welcome to the server mate. Im sure you'll enjoy your time most of the community is pretty easy going, if you ever need a hand i'm on SMP1 :)

  17. No worries man :) Its actually my kite land boarding kite, its 2.6m, meaning its nearly double my height XD

    Flying it without a board is insanely fun, (and dangerous) but thats what makes it fun, I can do jumps with it and fly 10m in the air XD (search on youtube kite landboarding and you will be able to see what it is) :D

    I am also into rc car racing, I have my own kyosho mfr nitro buggy, its a little ripper on the track :)
  18. Welcome to the Empire nmanley. I'm on smp3 the majority of the time. Give me a shout if you need something, or just want to say hi. :p
  19. Welcome elder one.
  20. Thank you all. If any of you see me online and "T" me please be patient with me as I'm not use to watching my chats yet. Plus.... I'm working my tail off building or running around the wilderness's trying to find the ore's I need.
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