Hello, my nickname is soniaasensio

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  1. Well, as I said my nickname is soniaasensio, but that's not my real name at all. My name is Jesus, yes, like the well-known Jesus Christ, and I'm from Spain. That's why my name is that one, since there it's perfectly allowed and common. I've been playing Minecraft for... 3 years and a half I think. Since the old 1.7. I've been to many many servers and passed tons of adventures through all this time. However, I got bored one time and stopped playing for a few months, I was always playing in spanish servers due to the fact that I'm spanish but now that I have time I wanted to try a new server, an english one if it's possible, in order to meet english people and to just know them and be in a different server than which I used to. So i looked for good servers for a long time and found this one. Therefore, here I am. Nice to spend time here. And sorry if my english is not as good as yours, I'm a student and I just try to impove. Comment if you want to know more, I'm currently looking for friends since I'm new and lonely. Goodbye.
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  2. Welcome to the Empire!
  3. Welcome to the Empire soniaasensio. Your English seems very good going by your introduction post. I'm sure you will meet lots of friendly people here. What server are you on? :)
  4. Welcome to the Empire, Soniaasensio! :)
  5. Welcome! I hope you have a great time here! I can tell you, when I joined here I was 13. People could understand me and I could get around easily, but sometimes it was quite tiring to read my posts, because they were just full of mistakes, often. But through thousands of posts on these forums, EMC has learnt me great English! :D
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  6. I'm on SMP2 always, when i discovered this server i didn't know that there were more servers like it, so it was and is my main server. I hope that you also play there and we could do something together.
    All the best.
  7. I can just see one mistake: "EMC has learnt me great English". As far as I know, that me should be my. Thx for commenting.
  8. I would love to be your friend :) I may be busy though, so don't get too excited.
  9. Is it pronounced Jesus or Hezoos?
  10. Since the old 1.7, pfft I remember 1.2.3 :p. Anyways welcome to EMC!!
  11. xDDD. Well, as you (english speakers) pronunce it, it is like Yisus. But in Spain we pronunce it Jesus. I don't know how to make you understand it, I mean, we pronunce it Hesus perhaps, I couldn't write it correctly, if you want, I'm on Mumble too so...
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  12. Haha, I think I didn't express myshelf properly, I mean since the other 1.7, the one before, I'm not sure but I guess it was 2010-2011 then.
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  13. Based on context, I believe this is actually "EMC has taught me great English", but idk

    I'm assuming you mean you learnt English from EMC, which would be "taught" in that case.
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  14. Thank you, that was indeed what I meant :p

    Beta 1.7. I'm from beta 1.8.1, so you're playing longer than I :D