Hello, I'm ShyguytheGamer1, or IAmShyguyNow as you know :)

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  1. This is VERY VERY late but I will reveal how I got my username, Shyguythegamer1, for IAmShgyuyNow, whatever one :p

    It was a nice sunny day, I was gonna make a pokemon account on the website (note I was 10 around this time. Don't judge me :p) and I had no idea what to choose as my username. I thought of that cute mario enemy Shyguy for some unknown reason. So that username I chose, but I didn't think I would actually like it and keep it. When it camne around christmas time and I got an xbox 360 from my brother, I wanted to choose my username as ShyguytheGamer1.
    Okay time to break it down for those of you guys who don't know it yet. I chose shyguy as my pokemon account, and I was the gamer and a "1" cliche at the end. So when I was introduced to EMC, I had a minecraft PC account, I bought minecraft, and I began on the server...as ShyguytheGamer1. It stuck around with me for a while, a very long time. Then when the "YouAreMyWifeNow" fish came into mind when name changes where out. I decided to change my name to IAmShyguyNow. Pretty basic, but everyone...sort of likes it. But now I will tell you a little about myself, but not too much to reveal the actual me :)
    I am a 12 year old gamer. And in live in New York. New York is huge so you don't know ;). I am in the 7th grade and I love math. My house is a little too small for my size, but I like it. And the only thing I watch on TV are "Hack my Life" and "Hackers" and occasionally whatever is on the movie channels I have. Also I have steam still as ShyguytheGamer1, and I have portal and portal 2. All I play.
    Now that you know a little about me, does this change your entire perspective about me? Do you like me, or hate me? (like me or die :D) And that is it for me. Peace out peoples,
    P.S. Am I flooding forums...?
  2. Oh gosh, my eyes are dying. Please change the color.
  3. Which one, blood red or goth black...
  4. I don't think its St. Patricks yet.. :p
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  5. Ah, now it blends in with the gray, my eyes are exploding.
    Why not just white?
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  6. Isn't "goth" that fashion trend where everyone buys their clothes at Hot Topic and talks about what non-conformists they are? :p
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  7. I will keep it at this red >.>
  8. Hi IAmShyguyNow. :)
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  9. Hey there, Shyguy :)

    PS: The writing was a bit hard to read in this dark red colour :p
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  10. I am trying to find the perfect color alright?
  11. You are? You said you were keeping it at red. :p
    Just thought that I'd help out and mention, alright? :)

    PS: White is usually a pretty good start, don't worry about getting it "perfect", it's the content that people want to read, not the colours! Hope this helps! :D
  12. Okay I changed it to light blue, now I am just experimenting with colors .-.
  13. Who are you? :p
  14. He is shyguy now
  15. Why not you just stick with white? Mess around with colors in your signature instead of a thread :p Just suggesting it, of course. But it is a nice story, nonetheless
  16. This explains so much.
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  17. Is this good or bad...
  18. I actually like the blue. ;)
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  19. Ah, I like this colour ;)
    I don't think this would change the way I see you.
  20. As others have mentioned, this blue is much easier to read it now. :p