Hello I'm new to the Server

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by hYLiF3, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. Hey my name is hYLiF3 I'm 20 Years old. I live in Germany and study Bussines sience.
    I just got here by reddit! The Server looks pretty good since i wanted to start playing minecraft more often. Looking forward to meet you guys ingame =) Btw. I live on 811!
  2. Welcome to the empire :3
    Glad to our Reddit ads are working out!
  3. Welcome to EMC :D. Hope to see you some day :D.
  4. Hey bro welcome to the server!! May I ask what s server ur res is on and I hope to meet you online! (Secretly devising a plan to grief u through the commands) JK
  5. Welcome to EMC!
  6. I wouldn't joke about that.
    Also if the res number is 811 then it is probably on smp1 ;)
  7. Welcome to EMC, Gemini9! We're glad you found us :D
  8. Welcome to EMC. :)
  9. Welcome to EMC! :D Can't wait to see you ingame!
  11. Welcome to EMC :)
  12. Welcome, and enjoy your stay :)
  13. Welcome! Remember to vote for some extra rupees!
  14. Welcome to the empire?

    Also, I love how everyone is like "Welcome!"
    But then there's Nick.
    There's always one! :p
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  15. A very big welcome to EMC. We're glad to have you :)
  16. Welcome and enjoy The Empire! If you have questions then check the wiki or someone online should be able to help.
  17. Thank you all! And yes its on SMP1 =)
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  18. Welcome to the Empire! I just saw the reddit add the other day, cool that people are finding us through it.