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  1. Hi! My in game name is fresheggs. I have been searching for a good economy server with NO pvp, and I am glad I stumbled on to Empire. I am on almost everyday except when I go to school; no games on school night, or I playing another addicting game, but other than that I will be on 24-7.
    I looked forward to this being my permanent mine craft home!

    - Fresh Eggs
  2. Welcome to the empire! :)
  3. Welcome to the Empire! :D
  4. Welcome to the Empire! If you ever need anything just give me, or even just ask a random guy and they're sure to help. Great community here :D
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  5. Welcome to Empire! Glad you like it here :D
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  6. Welcome to the Empire :)
  7. Welcome! Glad you joined! :D What is your home SMP? :p
  8. Welcome to The Empire Fresh, Hope you enjoy it heres :)

    Sidenote: Go to Sleep
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  9. Hey... I haven't finished my homework yet lol. Isn't it like 2 am for you? >_<
    Side Side note: Go to sleep :p

    Yeah its a good idea not to play during school nights...
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  10. 2:40am exact and go nothing to do tomorrow .
    Sidex3 note dead a sleep by the time you read this.
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  11. welcome to the empire

    P.S which SMP are u on?
  12. I say welcome, EMC is the best server that I have found. Hope you have fun, school work is important so always keep it as no.1 priority
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  13. Welcomeeee!!!! To the Empire!!!!
  14. Go on smp nine
  15. Welcome to EMC Fresh! If you haven't picked a home server yet, join smp9!
  16. You are fresh, that means you're cool? :D
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  17. Welcome to the Empire!
  18. Welcome to the Empire! Enjoy ur stay!
  19. haha yes
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  20. Welcome to EMC!
    If you need any help, there's plenty of us that are willing to help, myself included. :)
    Have fun on EMC!
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