Hello! I'm Casey :D

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  1. Hello lovelies, welcome to my introduction. :)

    I've been here for about two months and I've loved every moment so far!
    My partner had originally introduced me to Minecraft in general, and then we found EMC together. :)
    Since, we've completely deleted our personal server and only play here. :p

    As my siggy suggests, I have both a mall and a horse shop located on SMP7.
    They're literally my pride and joy here, lol!

    When I'm not online I'm either taking care of my fluffies, out and about, or doing stuff with my beauty youtube channel. :D

    Looking forward to meeting you all!
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  2. Hey Casey! I'm glad you've been enjoying EMC so far. I look forward to getting to know you better :)
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  3. Heyo! Glad to have you here! How do you like the server so far?
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  4. Hello Casey. I like your shop, very usefull. But there is a strange lag near the area.
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  5. Hello!
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  6. Love the tattoo
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  7. :D

    I like it a lot. It's the best one I've ever really played on haha.

    I really apologize for the lag. There IS a reason for this lag, but I can assure you that it's not my shop that's creating the lag. When I first built the shop, everything was smooth and all. But, I've had quite a few larger residences being built around me. It's really upsetting, considering all the work I've done on it all. I even considered handing over the rupees to have it moved to another area... but I'm just so afraid the after forking all of it over that it'll just happen again.

    Hello there!

    Thank you. I got it young, lol. I wasn't really sure what I wanted but finally decided on this one. My tattoo artist hated it.. kept telling me the whole time. Haha.
  8. -Glad to hear it! :)

    -Would you like me to take a look around in the area to see if I can find the source of the lag?
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  9. Welcome the Empire, :D
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  10. You can :) but I believe there's quite a few culprits, haha. Iron palace right behind me, directly behind that a huge castle. To the right there's 2 other decently loaded residences... lol *sigh*

    Thanks :)
  11. Welcome to EMC! Glad you've been enjoying it. :) I look forward to getting to know you better!
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  12. Welcome to EMC :D 2 months in and you've already got a shop, nice! Only just made one myself. Might go and visit it. Awesome to see you're liking EMC. Might see you round sometime.
  13. You should most definitely visit it. >:)
    I feel like I've been to every shop in existence on EMC, lol.
  14. Welcome, Casey!

    What's your YouTube channel? :p
    I'm really curious as to what's on there :3
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  15. :cool: Welcome! :)
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  16. Are those the tattoos like Tris gets in Divergent?
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  17. Clickies v
    (I don't have the same color hair as in the pictures here - I just used them cause they're my favorite of me lol)

    Very interesting that you mention that.. however, it's not. Didn't even know about that particular tattoo when I got mine lol.
    I was just browsing for some inspiration and ended up finding some birds flying and I just had him place them like that. :)

    Never.. :( I don't really understand all of it lol. But I'll look more into it for sure.
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  18. Hello and welcome to the Empire!
    I will have to visit your mall on smp7 sometime! :p

    Glad you are part of 7, and I always have fun with you and jwalker. You guys are awesome!

    BTW, awesome tat. How many do you got total?
  19. I only have one :(
    Lol jwalker has got me beat by more than just a few XD

    I want a realistic piece done next so I'm definitely not in a hurry to be getting it done. I need someone really good to be able to do it.
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