Hello, I'm amadai.

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  1. I used to spend many days (and nights) building large structures here on EMC, but ended up taking a break and as a result dropped off the face of the minecraft earth.

    So, I figure'd I'd reintroduce myself.

    Hi, my name's amadai, or asmodaieus in other games.
    I'm from Oregon, currently living in Mass, and attending college, doing cool things like forging steel knives and making carbon fiber sleds.

    I like to build big, pretty things, especially things with wool art and redstone contraptions. Currently working on a double-lot project in SMP1.

    I used to do events, like contests, and perhaps in the future I will host another one with some pretty awesome prizes.

    edit: Check out one of my old creations, a log mansion with lots of wool art windows and stuff.

    Hoping to find some old friends, and make some new ones. Feel free to PM if you want to build / think I can help / just want to chat.
  2. Welcome back to EMC! We've already met but it's always nice to give you another nice warm welcome. :)
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  3. i'm glad you've come back :) even though i don't think we've ever talked.. its always nice to return to Empire.
  4. Welcome back Amadai, we met on Smp2 awhile back, anyways, enjoy the new EMC! :)
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  5. So, you've been here before?Edit: Lol, got ninja'd hardcore. My question already got answered like thrice:p

  6. :)
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  7. ohhhhhmyyyyyygawwwddddd amadai! :D:D:D:D:D The only memory I had of you was me telling new EMC players to come to my res and then you came, even though you were not new :p (No Hard Feelings)
  8. Amadai! your back :D we've missed you, how have things been?
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  9. Welcome Back!
  10. Woohoo! I (kinda) missed you, although I didn't knew you, maybe we should meet sometime! :D
  11. amadai... it would seem my nightly chants and weekly summoning dances have finally yielded a result.
  12. Welcome back, amadai :)
  13. Welcome back! :)
  14. Wooow! How did you get that screencap? Wayback machine?
    Ahh...the memories...
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  15. Left over screenshot from many moons ago....

    ...na, Wayback Machine. :p
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  16. Welcome! Great to have you back :)
  17. Welcome back!
  18. Welcome back! :D
  19. The glorious architect / event manager dragon with super capability's returns :D! Welcome back to Empire :D
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  20. Seen you around tonight on SMP1.....WB and happy mining :)