Hello, I just joined Friday

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  1. I am wishing you the best!
    How does kind of person like you doesnt have friends in real life?
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  2. Well, one of the people I know said that when she first met me she was scared of me because I seemed like a really tough chick. Having a “natural” scowl doesn’t help either.... :(
  3. If I’ve found the forums, does that mean that I’ve found you? ;)
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  4. Hey, join the natural scowl club- if you look up the show-yourself thread and find me, you'll see I have "Vulcan" eyebrows, as many people call it :p Not exactly helpful that I have a temper...
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  5. Welcome to EMC! I have many good friends on here, and I hope that you will find many too. We have a kind community, and there is always someone in it willing to help! If you want to chat, feel free to catch me in game, or on the forums. If you have any questions, or need anything, I am always willing to lend a hand =)
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  6. Welcome to EMC!
    Enjoy ;)

    - Jackie
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  7. Welcome to EMC!
    As always, beware of smp8 ;)
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  8. They have a point, smp of the crazy. :p Though the mods are nice there.
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  9. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules