Hello I am Skitz!

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  1. Hello EMC! I am Skitz. It is really nice to meet all of you! I have been a part of EMC for 188 days or roughly 6 months. I adore it! Some of my closest friends will tell you I am a very kind hearted giving kind of person. I firmly believe in paying it forward. I always say Peace, Love, & Kindness. I have tried living my life by these and honestly it is amazing. I do not do it for recognition though. I do it because I know what it is like to have people take advantage of you. It is the most humiliating feeling in this entire universe. To feel used. I have a couple of books you can ask me for just mention hey can I get some kindness. All I ask is don't sell them please. Keep them so you always have it handy to remind you what doing good can do for someone. Also, I have took paying it forward to a new level here on EMC. I am the owner of the biggest tree farm on all of EMC. Proudly located on SMP6 along with my home :D. (/v +forest) I created the idea and the res to help those out that couldnt afford wood from shops. All you do is provide your own axe and chop away to your hearts content. In real life I continue to be the same person you get to chat with behind the screen. I am a professional licensed cosmetologist. I love my job. Making men and women feel good about themselves, is what its all about. Believe it or not, if I could I would do it for free. So if that tells you money, is just money to me..... Doing what I do is priceless..... I dont do it for the money....Lets see what else.... Oh Im a young lady, Im married to the best significant other anyone could ever ask for, and I have a beautiful 8 year old little girl who adores minecraft as much as I do...... If you want to know more about me feel free to ask! Also, I am always here if you need advice, or just a listening ear.....as for getting my head,....... its very rare under 10 people have it.......Thank you for listening and lovely to meet you all!!!
  2. Nice to meet you! It's really cool that you have a tree farm for newer players (or players with less money). I hope to see you around more.
  3. Welcome to emc <-- late but oh well how are you enjoying the server so far ?
  4. Seems I have met you in game already :) fee free to come ask any questions when you have some!
  5. I love it!!! Thank you!!
  6. I love stories like these! Nice to meet you Skitzie, I'm really happy to see that you're having so much fun. And I LOVE reading how you're doing your own thing to help other players out. Its just like you said: treat other people, also on the Internet, as if they were other people and how you'd like to be treated yourself. A little courtesy often goes a long way!

    And yeah, I also like seeing late introductions. So: a very belated, but still well meant welcome to the... ehm, forums? :D

    So I got a question for you; do you also play with your family on the Empire? Just curious. I know some families who actually play here, just like I also know plenty of people who's significant other doesn't really participate on EMC.

    Anyway, hope you're going to continue to enjoy the Empire and these forums! Although they're a little bit b0rk at the time of writing you can truly consider the forums to be the "other" half of what I'd describe as: "The EMC experience".

    And who knows, maybe we'll meet in the game sometime :)
  7. Welcome to EMC!
  8. You are the sole definition of a top community candidate, and it makes me very proud to welcome you to the Empire. :)
    I really hope you enjoy your stay on this server and that you have a great time! There's always lots to do here, whether it be farming for resources/crops, mining for materials, or just chilling with all your friends. smp8 is by far the craziest, and I should know because it's my home server and I've seen firsthand how crazy Town Chat can get sometimes. xD We're a happy bunch, and proud to have you as part of our huge Empire family!
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  9. Hi Skitzie. Welcome to the Empire and the forums. Glad you are enjoying this great server. :)
  10. Welcome to EMC! :)
  11. Thank you everyone! Shel to answer your question, no my daughter doesn't play computer, she is an xbox kinda girl. But I plan to teach her and let her play too!!
    Flareon thank you....I am just me..... I wouldnt know what to do if I wasnt lol....but thank you for your really super sweet comments :D

    Love you guys!!!! Hope to see you all in game sometime!!!

    Peace and Love
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  12. hey, your my new best friend ( DEAL WITH IT) your really nice hope to talk to u more
  13. Hi!
    Welcome to the Empire xSkitzie! :)
  14. Welcome to EMC xSkitzie :)

    Enjoy your time here!
  15. Welcome to the empire. Its great that you are helping out players now.
    Ikr. Even though I'm called "young" on this server, I have experienced this in life. :( When you work so hard, and then your instructor doesn't give you the award. Just makes me feel angry.

    Besides that, welcome to emc! :D
  16. You already know I love ya <3
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  17. Welcome to EMC? None the less I hope you've enjoyed your time here!

  18. Hello there! I am Foxy, due to unfortunate events you probably haven't heard from me on the server. It doesn't matter though from welcoming you to EMC a wonderful server that I have been on since October 2011. I used to run on smp7 but my servos locked up. But hey, have fun don't get in trouble stay awhile :)
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  19. Hi again Skitz!
    Its great to have you with us! so many good people on EMC, you fit right in!
  20. Reading all of these comments literally makes me happy in my heart. Toade you better love me lol. I am your number one stalk......errrr fan! Yea fan! lol. No but seriously everyone I absolutely adore this server, I will not be a hypocrite and say oh I havent tried other servers.....I tried one other and was seriously logged in there for about all of 3 seconds and said NOPE, and I even deleted it from the list thingie. EMC will be my forever home. I love everyone single person on this server. It is really nice to take a break from xbox from time to time, being a female gamer, you can imagine the bullying and harassment I endure. I have NEVER had that here. And I know I won't. You guys rock! Everyone from mods, to supporters, to our regular members. We each play such a huge role in making this server one of the best in the world. I have never seen such love and dedication. Speaking of dedication, look at how many servers (I was reading some articles about the 1.9 update) updated without making sure everything was compatible and work. Tons of their members, are crashing or cant even log in. How horrible. That is what sets us apart. We are unique. But most importantly, we are like a really amazing family. We are a family on here. I have seen people have knock down drag out fights before.....terrible....but then the next day they were saying Im so sorry and playing together. Thats what family is about forgiveness and being happy. Loving everyone for their flaws......
    Now I will address individual responses....
    Toade I got you first thing lol. You have been really good to me since I met you, which was when I first started. You're an amazing guy. Keep up everything you do!
    Callum I am thrilled to be considered your new best friend. Friends are hard to come by now a days, and that is the highest compliment one can be paid I think. Finding true friends are rare. I guarantee to always be a good reliable friend to you!
    Ender, you reposted about being used. Yes having someone not recognize hard work, no matter what age, stinks! It is awful. But here is a tip, yes I mother to much sorry lol, Don't do your best for recognition do it because you are passionate about it and love it! And I promise you in the end, even if there is no recognition, you will have that joy in your heart knowing you accomplished the impossible. Stay young as long as you can, life is to short to grow up fast. Thank you for your sweet comment and I hope to play with you soon!
    Foxy, I am sorry to hear your thingie crashed. (I am not very technical sometimes lol) I do look forward to meeting you! My home server is SMP6 WOOT! Hope to meet you and have a glorious weekend!
    Last but not least Cavie. I really enjoyed our conversation day before yesterday. It is so nice to just talk to people. Seffychan even joined in. I absolutely loved getting to know you better and thank you as well for all you do for our wonderfuly community! Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing you more and more!

    Well guys again thank you for making me happy in my heart with all your amazing kind words! Hope you all have a Fantastical weekend!

    Peace & Love.