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  1. Ello.. I play on smp4. I would like to know who I need to talk to about claiming some land in the front. I read the site but it's still a little hazy.

    I like the server a lot so far.
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  2. Hello and welcome to the Empire! And to claim land in the wild...

    Good luck with establishing your base. If you need some help with the 1,000r for the chest just find me on the site or in game (I will be on smp1 or smp5) and I can help you out. Click here for the wiki link on locked chests.
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  3. What do you mean by "claiming" land?
  4. Perfect reply there :)
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  5. Thanks :)
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  6. How much area can you or do you claim? (I have big plans lol).
  7. Does anyone know? (The above question).
  8. Sorry, but I don't think so. Dragon tombs and land claiming have been in the works for a looong time, and the details yet have to be worked out/revealed.
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  9. Hello and welcome to the empire!
    I would say the further out in the wild you are, and the less people that are there around you, then you will have more room to grow and expand! If you get an 'established' base, then that would be your area to build in, and no players should ever grief or steal at your builds (not that it doesn't happen from time to time, but they are dealt with). As for "size limitations", I would think that the structures you build in an area would help make the area 'yours'. However if you are not building in certain areas, then it would be difficult for a player to try to draw a circle around an area and try to claim it as their own, especially if nothing has been built there.

    Now, when dragon tombs come out, then land claiming in the wild may be possible, however be patient and wait for it to come out to see how it all works! (in the meantime, be sure to keep getting tokens and resources..and have fun!)

    Good luck, nice to meet ya! Hit me up in game sometime!
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