Hello everyone!

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  1. Hi everyone! Great community you guys have here! I just joined yesterday...everybody is super nice so far. I'm just not sure where I want to set up my residence yet.... Which server is the best?!
  2. Welcome to the Empire :D, try smp 5 we are also happy to see new members there.
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  3. Like Dwight said, smp5 is in my opinion the best, you know why? It's me!
  4. Welcome to the Empire!
    Join smp2, the best server around! :cool:
  5. Welcome, Personally I love smp 4 & 5
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  6. Welcome to the Empire! :cool:
  7. SMP 3 all the way!
    Welcome to empire your new home!
  8. You sir are correct.
    Welcome to the Empire! Where the server trolls you. -JustinGuy
  9. If you want a server with a good economy come to smp4!
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  10. 5 or 1. 1 can be intimidating at some times but it is full of knowledgeable EMC veterans.
  11. Welcome to the Empire, Steve :p
    If your looking for the best server around with tons of great facilities such as mega malls popping up all over the place come to SMP4.empire.us :D
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  12. Agreed.
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  13. Oh yeah, another SMP4 resident! SMP4 FTW!
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  14. Welcome to EMC!
    Personally, I don't think it matters what SMP your res is on. I mean, you could have a base on all ther servers. (except Utopia and Stage, but you know what I mean) Just go to the wild or nether! SMP1
  15. *cough*me*cough*
  16. welcome, smp4 is pretty awesome. we are a very welcoming bunch!
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  17. Server wars free-for-all. FIGHT!
    (I suggest quite smp3 unless you want activity. Go to smp1 for that.)
  18. No one seems to be on any server right now!