Hello Everyone i'm new

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Karuchan, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone and as the title suggests i'm new here to Empire Minecraft and it's nice to meet you all i hope to enjoy my stay here.
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  2. Welcome to EMC, Enjoy your stay.
    smp4 for the win =P
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  3. Welcome to the Empire. If you have any questions or comments then be sure to use these forums too, that's what they're made for.

    EMC can be a little quiet right now, that's because a majority of players come from the US and it's pretty early in the morning there right now. Still; we have players from all over the world so you're bound to run into some of them as well.

    Maybe even me, though I don't visit smp4 as often as I should :p
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  4. Welcome to the Empire! I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here! :)
  5. Welcome to EMC,
    I hope you enjoy it here :D
  6. Welcome.

    As this message suggest I hope you enjoy yout time on the Empire. :p

    Have fun.
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  7. Welcome to the empire hope you enjoy your stay here its a wonderful server
  8. Welcome to EMC :)
  9. Arrggg welcome to the crew!
  10. Welcome new! (hehe) Thanks for an introduction, and hope to see you in game!
  11. Welcome to the empire! I hope to see you in game and in the forums.
  12. Yes, hello to you. I'm guessing smp6.
  13. Hi Karuchan. Welcome to the Empire and enjoy your stay. :)
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  14. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  15. Thanks for the welcomes everyone. i've been taking the time to get used to playing on the server while browsing the site and so far i'm having fun so thanks again for the welcomes everyone
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  16. Hi Karuchan, welcome to the Empire! I hope you have an awesome time! EMC can be a little quiet, sometimes, but sometimes, in other cases, it can be a blast! Don't worry, it won't be long before you make some good friends. I hope to see you in game, bye! :D
  17. Hey there!! Hope you have a very wonderful time on empire minecraft. If any questions come to you, there is always a very friendly community here to support and help you with out any issue! Have fun mining and making friends!
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  18. Welcome to EMC and we hope you enjoy your stay :)
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  19. Welcome to the empire, Karuchan! :)