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  1. So I was doing the tutorial and read the guide.. the guide was really helpful and the site was pretty clean/nice compared to a lot of other sites I saw.. also the chat for Empire Minecraft looks nice too.. so I upgraded mid tutorial and am Iron now (I just like the silvery color hehe) anyways.. I just wanted to say hello.

    I am new and I hope to meet you all. I have started on SMP 1 to be with one of my friends. :)
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  2. You upgraded to Iron halfway through the tutorial?
    Now that reminds me of someone....
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  3. Cough on field?
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  4. Oh, heavens no.
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  5. Yeah I upgraded because the site was really clean/easy to navigate.. I have donated to a few servers which is why I only did 5$ here but I dunno.. The guide here was a bit more thorough then the other servers.. I had no real problems getting through the tutorial which is always a great thing. I mean the tutorial was a little daunting cus it seemed like it would last forever lol but it told me how many questions I had left as I went through it and that was pretty nice.

    I really liked that, but I think I ended up lacking some rupees from upgrading mid-way through.. well, I voted so that should hopefully fix that up and it will be midnight soon and then I will have more money bwahahahah!.. or something.
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  6. Then who?
  7. Well, Welcome to the server!
  8. Jack....
  9. Thank you,

    I assume there are many jacks and you are probably talking about your friend but my real name is Eric.. sorry to dissapoint. :(
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  10. Seeing as you are new, you won't know that I am referring to one of the users called JackBiggin lol
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  11. Oh I see. well I hope I get to meet you ingame sometime. :)
  12. Welcome to EMC, Where the economy is ruined by Aikar! :p
  13. what do you mean by the economy is ruined by aikar
  14. Welcome to EMC! Where everything can happen! (Really)
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  15. Thank you - lotr was one of my favorite movie series - hope to see the next hobbit movie soon - didnt read the books though.
  16. You should read the books.
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  17. The books are really good also! I hope to see you in-game. Home server?
  18. I dont have a home server yet but I am playing with my sis on smp 1.. got to wait til I can get a residence near hers (she said they are not doing unclaims atm because emc isnt updated to 1.5 yet)
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