Hello emperors!

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  1. Stop by and visit to my farm and my neighbor the MCTabletKid. We both like to chat and are learning the server. The kid has figured out flags and you can push his buttons. If my hot tub door is open, come in to enjoy a mineral bath. Feel free to feed the chickens and ask for an egg if you need one.
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  2. Hello there and welcome to EMC!
    Awesome to hear that you have a fun neighbor!
    What smp and what is your res number?

    If you ever have any questions, be sure to ask!

    See ya in the mines!
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  3. That sounds like a pretty cool situation! I'm glad that you've already got a friend. As highlancer said, let us know if you ever had any questions, as we love to help people out!
    And me, an emperor? Huh, I could get used to that title. =P
    Anyway, welcome!
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  4. Welcome to the Empire, Carconductor! :D
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  5. Yeah, I think the life of an emperor would suit me just fine. :p
    Welcome to the Empire! I know that you'll love it here, especially since you've already got a great neighbor. I'll be sure to check you out ingame sometime! :)
  6. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  7. Welcome to the Empire, enjoy your stay. ;)
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  8. Hi there!
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  9. My SMP is 2.
    My Res is 3262. My neighbor is Carconductor.
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  10. Please take a visit to me or Carconductor(who is my neighbor)
    Thanks,and Happy Thanksgiving!!!
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  11. I wouldn't make rash decisions... it has its downsides...
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  12. Welcome! :D
  13. Welcome to the mighty empire Enjoy it here!