hello can i pau some 1 to make me a song

Discussion in 'The Jukebox' started by daanhu, May 13, 2023.


has daanhu big brain

yes 10000iq 2 vote(s) 66.7%
huge size 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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my name is jeff 1 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. i ordered many pices of art like drawings before but never a song so i was wondering
    does any 1 want to make me a song
    i can pay in rupees
    basicly the only ting i want is basicly dart vader style breeding and than silence than i am your danny real evil than u can do waht you like techno
    or hardcore or somting

    maybe even sort of boss music

    if u want to do this just tell me below or msg me

    we can descuse price

    i dont rilly know wo to contact i tink 608 makes music but who else i dont know so please tell me
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  2. ulti is a musical genius - reach out to him

    i want a finders fee
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  3. 608 definitely makes music
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  4. I'd ping him on here if I could, but sadly, the EMC forums do not have that feature, but yes Ulti, he does! :D
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  5. You can use the quote feature, if you really want to ping someone!

    I don't do commissions, except through Club Points. A piece of music is quite expensive, though, as it costs a lot of time to make.
    Ultimamaxx is indeed musically skilled as well.
    I have also always found it interesting that there have been probably dozens of graphics artists on EMC, but only a handful musical artists!
    I am reminded of one member that has released songs and has millions of subscribers on YouTube, but I don't think he's active anymore.

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  6. You cannot ping someone by quoting them if they never posted on the thread to begin with though. ;)

    "608" may not do commissions, but... if you look around on the internet enough, you'll find someone! There's a guy on Youtube who did the entire Sonic Adventure 2 Battle soundtrack using the YM2612 sound chip, he's worth a shot! :D

    Here's an example of one of his many works! ^^
  7. i make tunes here n there but a commission is a lot more difficult then something like a build or map art, alot more time and experimenting involved
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  8. are kangaroos harmed in the making of said tunes? :oops:
  9. depends on what sound effects are needed in said tune
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  10. do you use OpneNoteBlockStudio?
  11. nah never heard of it, i use fl
  12. should have been "Open" of course.

    "fl"? what do you mean?
  13. ;)

    You can. Find any post of mine (which is easy when going to someone's profile and using 'Find all content') and use that! You'll get a ping from the right thread, I'm pretty sure... tell me, did you get an alert from this thread, or from the Car Love thread? Because I quoted you from the latter, as you'll see when you click the arrow. :)

    FL Studio. Formerly FruityLoops. A popular DAW for Windows. Edit: It's apparently also available on Mac. Most of the popular DAWs are Mac-exclusive, though, so I would suppose FL to be mostly used on Windows.
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  14. I see, so stuff to make music in general, not minecraft redstone music in particular.
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  16. OpenNoteBlockStudio is cool, but i prefer the OG NBS program :)
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  17. is it updated with the latest blocks? because I understand they stopped developing it and thus there's not the whole range of possible sounds in it, no?
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