Hello All!

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  1. Hello Empire Community! I am new to this server and somewhat new to MC. Thanks for making it! :)
    I have a question, though: how do I sign in in the game?
    Good to be here,
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  2. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
  3. Hi pieman. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  4. Welcome to the Empire Pieman, hope you're going to enjoy it here.

    You mean the actual game itself? Ha, that's something we don't see every day; people usually discover the game first and head to the forums second.

    It's easy, really...
    • Start your game of Minecraft.
    • Click 'Multiplayer'
    • Click 'Direct connect' (for now: do read on!)
    • Enter this address: play.emc.gs
    Now you'll be connected to the Empire, go through the tutorial and eventually get your own 60 x 60 residence; your own fully protected area to build on.

    To make it easier on yourself you can also add the server to a list. So that next time all you need to do to re-connect is simply click "Multiplayer" again and then double click the server entry. For that to work you'd use the button "Add server". Add a server name (you can make it up yourself, I use "Empire MC", but you can just as well use: "An awesome Minecraft server!" :D) and the server address: play.emc.gs.

    And that's all you need to sign into to game.

    Now; I hope this is what you meant to ask and if not: no worries; just say so.
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  5. Welcome to the Empire! Build the world with us. (You're welcome fin...) < Inside joke :)
  6. Welcome to the Empire! Hopefully Shel has cleared the logging in for you, but if you need any more help then just ask us! :)
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  7. Welcome! I look forward to seeing you around. As the others have said, simply follow Shel's instructions, and if those don't work for you, feel free to ask for more help! We're a very welcoming community, and I'm sure everybody you'd ask would be happy to help out a friendly face. :)
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  8. Welcome! I hope you have a good time here, and of course Shel, Fendy and Hashhog are right: there are always people willing to help you; if nobody responds in-game, try creating a thread on the forums! :)
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  9. Welcome to EMC!!! :)